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The Divided States of America, Led by Tomi Lahren

Tomi, or as Wale calls her in his new track “Smile,” Tammy Lahren has gained popularity over the last few months for being – well, racist. An enthusiastically proclaimed “conservative,” her videos all share a common theme. The dialogue on her show consists of screeching into a camera and targeting democrats (or “snowflakes” as she calls them) for believing in what America actually stands for. Though our country is closely linked to patriotism, it is better known as being the land of the free. Her latest video, entitled ‘Boycott Babies’ is (unsurprisingly) directed at the “snowflakes” that will be boycotting the upcoming inauguration.

Tomi goes on about how “America-loving patriots” will ultimately be “winning” in this scenario. Yet, she takes no time to think about the fact that as a country, we are becoming divided. As seen in history, when a country starts to come apart, the results are not flattering.

Known as the “melting pot,” America has become what it is today in great thanks to the many different religions and races that inhabit it. From Native Americans who first walked the “American” soil, to the African Americans who were forced to work on the soil, the blood, sweat and tears of these people have all been engrained into our land. History has shown that we have not been kind to each other, and it has also neglected to show some of the things that has occurred in our past. I sincerely do not understand why the country that is supposed to be the most “welcoming” is actually the most close-minded.

Tomi does not stop at simply attacking people who believe in the true definition of equality  – she goes on to say that she fully supports people to move out of America if they are appalled with out future president. Obviously, she has not thought about the fact that a good majority of the people living in our country are not graced with the “luxury” she has of bleach blonde hair and skin that changes into the color red when telling people to “stay triggered.” Yet, it is not even about the fact that most people in our country are not white and do not have white privileges. It is not about the fact that the efforts and contributions of people of color are ignored. It is about someone who claims to be “in love” with America, someone who claims to understand it, but does not even know what this country actually stands for. It is also about the fact that she has millions of followers who see no wrong in her “opinions.” We are meant to give the same amount of opportunities and respect to every person in this country, regardless of race or religion.

Personal experience has shown me that though this is what we are supposed to be, that is not what we are – I have been excluded in many things, many times before, simply because my religion is not considered “American.”

But, what is an “American” religion? What is an “American” language? We do not have these things. The reason for this is because we are made up of millions of people, all from different cultures and backgrounds.

Tomi also makes the remark that “denouncing the incoming president is not a social-justice moment.” The fact that this actually came out of her mouth was astonishing to me. Boycotting a man who openly disrespects women, threatens and belittles different races is the perfect time for a social-justice moment. The only time to be heard is right now. People do not want to be led by a man who thinks Mexians are just “rapists,” talks openly about his junk, and calls women who want to pump breast milk “disgusting.” We want someone who gives us the respect we deserve – not even as Americans, but as human beings in general.

In the past eight years I was motivated to grow as a young woman in more ways than one – I was encouraged to live a healthy lifestyle, go for my dreams, and was told that I could achieve anything I put my mind to. A president (and first lady) who are goal-conscious and encouraging are what every country NEEDS. We do not need materialistic people in office, because that is just what the next generation will become. We do not need close-minded, rude people in office, because they encourage hatred. Within the length of this election the KKK has came back, and people like Tomi Lahren feel that their “opinions” are not offensive.

Tomi also goes on to speak about the fact that Trump won by an “electoral landslide,” which she equates to a popular win.

Dear Tomi, the electoral vote is not in any way the popular vote. I learned this in middle school History class. If we were looking at the popular votes, Trump would not have won. Hillary had almost 2.9 million more votes than he did. Also, I would appreciate it if you would stop threatening to move on without us “snowflakes.” I am sorry to say that advancement cannot actually occur with only half (if even) of the country on board. A country can only advance as a whole. So, no, you are not “moving on” without us in 2017. Or 2018, or 2019. You are not moving on at all. People like you have to listen to what we are saying, because it is the people like you who stunt the “growth” of our country. “Get comfortable by getting uncomfortable?” Why should this only apply to the people who differ in opinion with you? Why can’t you get “uncomfortable” and acknowledge the fact that minorities are in trouble? You talk about being “honest” and “authentic,” but what are you really being honest about? The fact that you are racist? We got that.

Let us instead make 2017 the year where we finally acknowledge the fact that the meaning of “freedom” in America is that people of all colors and religions can live peacefully and safely in our country. I want to be a part of a country where my president tells me I can do anything and everything. I also want to be a part of a movement where no one gets left behind. I want our country to start being what it advertises itself to be. I want to feel like I am a part of a supportive community. I want to feel American.

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