5 Apps That Will Get You Money Without Working

Being a young, female adult with an intense shopping addiction in the 21st century has caused my bank account to have less money than a child’s piggy bank. With college approaching, I have done some research on ways to save some spending money without having to obtain an extra job. After getting lost in the vast world of Apple’s App Store, I found five apps that not only give you money for shopping and selling, but they also offer amazing discounts to save the black hole in your wallet!

  1. Ibotta. I have heard about this app countless times while listening to Z100 on my morning drive to school, so I thought I would give it a try. The app features products and deals that are updated every week and allows you to purchase the item or shop at the store for a rebate. Once you bought the item, you take a picture of the receipt and the bar code to earn the cash back. The rebates range from one percent to fifteen dollars depending on the price of the item. Also, Ibotta gives you money for shopping on other websites such as Charlotte Russe, Hotels.com, eBay, and Groupon. I downloaded the app in December (and received a nice welcoming gift), and so far I have received over 30 dollars back in cash; it’s basically a win-win for everyone!
  2. Spring. I came across this app in Ibotta because there were a lot of great rebates from stores I am obsessed with. This app is a gold mine for shopping high-end brands; there are constant sales from stores including Urban Outfitters, Kate Spade, Tarte and many more I could name forever. Every item on Spring comes with free shipping and free returns so you do not have to worry about those perfect pair of wedges being too small. Since downloading the app, I have rarely ever gone to the store or it’s website because I cannot find deals better than the app. Ibotta also offers usually three to fifteen percent back on purchases made within the app! Together, Ibotta and Spring are the ultimate shopping duo.
  3. Ebates. This app is quite similar to Ibotta, but it features more rebates you can redeem in-store. Ebates will also give you discounts to use in the store and online. Discounts range from one percent up to $200 cash back. Just like Ibotta, you can also use the app for booking flights, hotels, and rental cars. Just for downloading the app, Ebates will give you ten extra dollars on your first order of $25. Although the two are competitors, I use both to get the most rebates I can.
  4. thredUP. If you are ever looking to sell gently worn clothes, this is the app for you! thredUP allows you to snap a picture of the item you are selling and order their Clean Out Kit and send it in, and they will notify you when it arrives at the distribution center. If the clothes you are selling are in style for the season and in good condition, thredUP will pay you before your items sell on the website; if they will take more time to sell, you will receive the money after it sells. Easy, simple, and taps into your inner beauty guru!
  5. Checkout 51. The final app is perfect for families or anyone who finds themselves spending a life’s fortune on groceries each week. Checkout 51 allows users to select what grocery items they will be purchasing for cash back. Just upload a receipt confirming you bought the items, and money will be flowing into your account instantly. Some brands featured on the app are Charmin, Pantene, Kellogg’s, and Kleenex which offer rebates almost as much as the cost of the item! When you sign up for the app, you will receive fifty cents back on your first cashed receipt. Let the grocery hauls begin!



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