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Lush Cosmetics: Bath Time Meets Social Justice

Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics has taken the world by storm in recent years with their growing popularity due to their sensational bath art and beauty products. Many companies in the beauty world are ethically horrendous because they test on animals, exploit workers, ignore environment safety precautions, run suggestive marketing campaigns, and openly support problematic people. However, Lush is a brand of a different kind. Most people only know Lush for their stellar bath bombs and sweet smelling lotions, but the company encompasses so much more. For those who delve deeper into Lush’s brand, they quickly discover exactly what Lush is all about.

All of Lush’s products are vegetarian and 80% are vegan. All vegan products are marked as such. Lush is also an entirely cruelty free company, so no harm is done to any animal at all. Taking it one step further, Lush only buys ingredients from companies that do not support animal testing in any form.

Lush also prides itself on its handmade philosophy, hence the name “Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics”. To get an idea of exactly how handmade it is, Lush includes a picture and name of the worker, who created the beauty product you are using, on the packaging itself. Speaking of packaging, part of Lush’s signature aesthetic is their minimal packaging for less environmental waste. Not only is their packaging simple, but it also is reusable and 100% post-consumer recycled. Lush also reduces the thickness of their clear plastic bottles which saves thousands of pounds of plastic annually.

Lush is known for their amazing beauty products and most famously, their bath bombs. Their products speak for themselves, there is no need for me to try to convince you as to how creative and enjoyable a Lush bathing time is. Their products are  made with fresh, natural ingredients and safe synthetics, which are all clearly stated on each product. They also have plenty of self-preserving formulas. Lush has also done multiple campaigns in the past to support causes such as LGBT+ rights, the refugee crisis, and more. Their catalogs also usually feature stories on important social issues and environmental causes.

Lush carries everything from deodorant to henna hair dye to soap to perfume. You’ll always know if you are near a Lush store because the wondrous smells drift quite far. Their employees are some of the most kind and genuine workers I have ever came across. It is also easy to see that Lush is supportive of their workers; I’ve seen Lush employees sport piercings, tattoos, dyed hair, and name tags with preferred pronouns.

Possibly one of the best facets of Lush is their marketing. Lush ads feature people of different color, different size, different gender, and more. I especially applaud the company for their LGBT+ representation, which can most recently be seen in their Valentine’s Day 2017 campaign. These ads feature LGBT+ couples taking a bath together using Lush products with the slogan “Better Together”. The pictures are not exploitative or inherently sexual. This soft, caring, and loving capture of LGBT+ couples is such a rare find in the beauty marketing world.

All of these reasons and more exemplify exactly why Lush Cosmetics is a company that is revolutionizing the beauty industry. By placing an importance on the environment, animals, and marginalized people, Lush is paving their way to success. To support Lush, you can buy their products, follow them on social media, download their app, and visit a store or their website. We need to support companies like Lush so that the beauty industry can realize that what these brands are doing is more than just a “fad”; it is a new way of living.

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Lou Rambeau
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Lou Rambeau is a young writer, photographer, activist, and artist currently located in New Orleans, Louisiana. Contact via email at, Twitter/Instagram @lourambeau, or website

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