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Possum-Headed Traffic Cone Trump is the President — America, We Can Get Through This

Audra McDonald said it best on January 19, 2017.

This is a scary time for America and for the rest of the world. It’s scary because there’s a shared sense of confusion: for our nation, our loved ones, and our safety. He is no longer “business mogul Donald Trump,” “Presidential candidate Donald Trump,” or “President-Elect Donald Trump.” He is now, “President Donald J. Trump,” and that is freaking terrifying. But do not remain discouraged. Turn your anger into motivation for change. Fight, fight, fight.

This morning, the Obama’s greeted the Trump’s on the front steps of the White House. With poise, contentment, and good humor, the Obamas welcomed the Trumps into their world. I studied how Barack and Michelle compose themselves while hugging the man who attempted to slander and offend our beloved president. I see how Michelle brings Melania in for a hug instead of a impersonal handshake. I watch as the smile never leaves Barack’s face. The news stations deemed the meeting an “exchange of power,” and a drastic one it is. This is a turning point in our nation’s journey.

We have bared witness to the election of our first Black President. We have bared witness to the swearing-in of a questionable candidate, and I know I am not alone when I say that I wish I could bare witness to an exception, another Obama term, another way to escape this Trump presidency. Alas, we must bare these four years with the exact poise, strength, good humor and class that the Obama’s kept throughout their 8 years in office. We must build a strong front.

And with that I leave you with this; we got the best 8 years we’ve ever had and now it is time for our opposers to feel our elation and happiness for the next four. But, we will not stop fighting. We will not be silenced: not women, not immigrants, not Muslims, not the LGBTQ community. We will not let Donald Trump berate us or the people we love and support. So for the next 4 years, we will fight like the people before us have. We will fight like President Barack Obama’s opposers did, but we will do it with poise, class, and strength. We will raise our voices louder, we will make our signs bigger, we will bring in larger crowds, we will write letters and books and songs and poetry because art is the most beautiful protest. We will not cower in the faces of our enemies as I believe neither will Donald Trump.

So fight on, America. Protect your women, your brothers and sisters, your friends and your family. Protect your inspiring teachers, bosses, mentors, and teammates. Love is blind.

Love is love is love is love is love.

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