Thoughts On Germany’s Current State: We Can Change Something

Germany wasn’t and is still not having an easy time: refugees, two racist parties gaining more and more votes and a population which tries isolates itself from foreigners. It may look unimportant to people in other countries, especially because they have to deal with their own problems, but as a German citizen I do not just watch, I feel.

I feel how my fellow human beings start having a bitter enmity with refugees. I feel how the youth doesn’t even want to be near any foreigner.

I feel Germany splitting again.

And all this is just happening because of the lack of tolerance and acceptance people have nowadays, mainly the cause of propaganda which is not rare anymore if you take a look around. But propaganda can be stopped if people would stand up and represent their opinion, not just in Germany but also in other countries, which is the issue: Many Germans do not want a peaceful solution, they want the propaganda and the violence even though it shouldn’t be so difficult if immigrants and Germans would stick together and try to be an unified state with a stronger society.

There would be so many new friendships, so many new inventions and so many well educated people who could bring our community on a higher level if we only gave them a chance to integrate.

Integration is the basis of a friendly environment for anybody just as it prevents the splitting of the country I was born, grew up and still have the time of my life. I would love to share this time with refugees. I would love to get to know their stories and experiences. But especially I want to prove the humanity of these people, improve my country and the world

I have written this article not only to report about the current situation here in Germany but to appeal to all of you: you are the youth, YOU are the people who can really change something.



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