What Does The World Have Against Raini Rodriguez?

Meet Raini Rodriguez: actress, director, singer and target for internet trolls.

As a plus size woman and a woman of color, she’s automatically subjected to be an ongoing target for all things hateful online. These hateful comments vary from hate speech to cruel jokes sent her way. They even go as far as hoping for her suicide and encouraging an incestuous relationship between her and her brother, Rico Rodriguez (mostly known for his role as Manny in Modern Family).

Every celebrity does have to deal with hate. It’s inevitable; written in the invisible contract celebrities sign when the began their careers. Yet the magnitude that she deals with is much than the average of a typical celebrity. Try looking her name on Twitter, would you consider the tweets fair?

Would you want those tweets in your mentions every day for years?

When Leslie Jones dealt with racist online trolls delivering hate speech this past summer, the Internet didn’t stay silent. Daily campaigns and hashtags were done to not only remove the trolls themselves but change the laws of Twitter. This was one of the major situations that led to Twitter’s change in hate speech policy. So why can’t we as a community, do the same for Raini? A talented, independent female who had done nothing wrong and only would like to spread love to the world.

If we continue to let this happen; we are continuing to allow prejudice and racism to creep in and take our best people down. As a community, we have to do better than turning a blind eye to someone just because you might not see them as popular or attractive. So take a moment to check your ‘favs’ and see if they are abusing their power.

Because this is not okay and will never be okay.



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