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Meet Myya D. Jones: The 22-Year-Old Running to Be Detroit’s Next Mayor

Myya D. Jones, Detroit native and student at Michigan State University, announced her candidacy to become her city’s next mayor. Throughout her life Jones has been a fighter and an optimistic force. At a young age she became a victim of sexual assault. Following that, Jones became responsible for her five siblings after her mother, who has bipolar disorder, fell into depression. Jones would later also be diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Despite the obstacles that she faced, Jones was accepted into the Lewis Cass Technical High School in her city of Detroit. Throughout high school she excelled in her studies and participated in many extracurricular activities including dance. Now at Michigan State University, she majors in Finance and minors in Arabic and African American & African Studies. Jones has been a Google Student Ambassador, intern for Congresswoman Brenda Lawrence, board member of her university’s Sexual Violence Advisory Committee, and even went to six countries to study abroad.

Although she has been across the country, and even across the world, Jones still understands the importance of coming back and helping the same city that groomed her. Through her experience on Capitol Hill she acknowledged that her purpose was to “give the voiceless a voice”, as she told The Metro Times. Her interest in providing change to her community and being civically engaged, is what prompted her to run for Detroit City Mayor. As mayor she wants to provide Detroit citizens with cleaner neighborhoods and safer parks. She also wants to provide people with jobs so that they can become more financially stable. Jones plans on improving the relationship between the city’s police department and the people it is supposed to protect. Providing extra training to officers that are not accustomed to the Detroit lifestyle, is one way she plans on improving ties.

Jones is not only becoming a role model to many Detroit children, but those living outside of her hometown as well. A young Black woman running to become the mayor of one of the largest industrial cities in America, is truly inspiring. She has persevered through obstacles many would not be able to, and has proven that age is nothing but a number. It is young aspiring leaders like her that change the world. In a time like this, our country needs more young men and women (especially those of color) to fight for change, to run for office, and to educate others on the problems in their communities.  If you would like to support Myya D. Jones’ campaign make sure to visit her website, check out her twitter page @MyyaDJones, and if possible donate!

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Tsion Tmariam is an Ethiopian-American writer currently living in the Bay area. She is also a senior in high school planning to double-major in biological science and political science. In the future, Tsion plans on working for organizations like UNICEF and the World Health Organization.

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