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Keep Barron Trump’s Name Out of Your Mouth

It is without a doubt that many believe the Trump family are completely vile. They stand by beliefs which disrespect the lives of many and do problematic things that will always continue to be called out. The press will continue to fact check and criticize the Trump administration and protestors will continue to fight for climate change as well as the rights of all genders, sexualities, races and religions. But one thing we should make to never do during all of this is hold Barron Trump accountable for the actions of his family.

The ten-year-old son of Donald Trump has been making headlines a lot recently with the rest of his family now that Trump has officially become President of the United States. Though Barron Trump has yet to do anything problematic, some of those who oppose Trump have taken it upon themselves to say what they wish about him – with the only excuse for their behavior towards him being that his father is Donald. But the bigger issue at hand isn’t that Barron hasn’t said or done anything bad, it’s that he is simply still a child – the same age Malia Obama was when her father took office.

Even Saturday Night Live, who have made their disliking for Trump no big secret suspended one of their writers after she made an inappropriate tweet regarding Barron when she joked that he would be “the country’s first homeschool shooter”. Many have jumped to her defense, criticizing SNL’s actions and saying they found the joke funny – but others have also taken to offense due to how insensitive her tweet was and how it attacked a child. Rich’s account was taken down momentarily but later returned and she made a public apology for her words.

It’s hard to feel sympathy for Barron for those who take such serious offense to the actions of his father, yet there is something highly immoral in taking part of cyber bullying a kid – no matter how privileged they may be. Others took to the defense of Barron Trump, including Chelsea Clinton, another child of a political figure who wrote on a Facebook that “Barron Trump deserves the chance every child does – to be a kid”. CNN news anchor Jake Tapper also tweeted about the event, showing his disgust for those that partook in ridiculing the child.

While many of us hold resentment towards those who never defended the disgusting comments that frequently were made towards Sasha and Malia Obama, it doesn’t make sense for us to retaliate by allowing others to do the same to Barron. If we chose to engage in that, we then become the very same people we oppose.

Politics are a dirty war of rude remarks, anger, and constantly belittling of the oppositional side. But it is important to remember that children should never be brought into that. Kids never asked to be born into the politics their parents so frequently preach and no matter what Donald stands for, you can’t hold Barron accountable for those actions. When he does reach an older age, he’ll be fair game much like everyone else in the politics. But until then, keep Barron Trump’s name out of your mouth.

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