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Shane Dawson Kicked Out Of Party by Tomi Lahren For Being Gay? We’re Not Surprised

On January 23rd, it seems that Youtube star Shane Dawson was kicked out of a military party by political commentor Tomi Lahren. According to Shane’s deleted tweets, the 28 year old was kicked out by Lahren for “not being straight”, and the security at the party “tried to break his leg”. Dawson’s boyfriend, Ryland Adams, also commented on the incident, tweeting:

“@RemindTheNation just kicked me out of their party for holding Shane’s hand. I CAN NOT BELIEVE THIS STILL EXISTS IN OUR WORLD @TomiLahren”

Dawson also posted a video of the incident to his Snapchat before deleting it later on.

While Remind The Nation, the organization who held the party, has yet to respond, Tomi Lahren (of course) has denied kicking Shane out of the party. Alongside 8 mind-numbing tweets, Lahren stated on Facebook:

“Let’s talk about this fake news circulating tonight by Shane Dawson. I hosted an event called “Remind the Nation” at the Sundance Film Festival. The event showcased the amazing work of Zero Film Productions and The Veteran’s Project, among other veteran organizations. It was a celebration of the service and sacrifice made by our veterans and active duty service members. I was taking photos after the film screening when two gentlemen approached me for a photo. I was happy to do it. I put my arms around them when all of the sudden they jumped in front on me and started kissing. They were not there to support the event. They were not there to take a photo with me. They were there to instigate and make a spectacle to advance whatever political message they placed above common courtesy for our veteran event. These are the tricks of the Left. Designed to instigate and make a scene. It’s sad they choose to play the game and make a scene when I welcomed them to take a photo with me. Security escorted them out because they were causing a scene at our private event. Go ahead and spread your fake news. It’s sad you stand on such flimsy moral ground you have to create a fake story for attention. Though you tried to detract from the night, you failed. The unloving and intolerant Left strikes again but whatever you were trying to do didn’t work. The Left has become so desperate for validation they resort to instigation, planned stunts and outright lies to remain relevant and garner attention. Sad. Anyone who knows me knows I am a social moderate and have always welcomed the LGBT community to my show. The dialogue has always been open to you as it is to anyone I may disagree with or differ from. It’s sad you didn’t take the opportunity to engage in a meaningful conversation but rather tried to disrupt and derail an event for veterans and service members. God bless our veterans and those who support and honor them. Those there know what happened. God knows what happened. If you had an ounce of dignity you wouldn’t drum up a fake story for attention. Praying for you.”

While it’s safe to assume Lahren, who’s known most for her ignorant, barbaric speeches on TheBlaze, did indeed kick Dawson out, nothing can be made certain without comment from the actual hosts of the party, Remind The Nation, Zero Film Productions, and The Veteran’s Project. As heard in Dawson’s snapchat of the altercation, people at the party claimed that Dawson and his boyfriend were “not on the list”, though Dawson claims otherwise. In addition, the question arises that if Dawson and his boyfriend truly were not on the list, why did Lahren not mention it in her Facebook post? Instead, the political commenter pointed out that the two boys kissing is what made her call security. It seems to us that if Lahren really did have issue with the LGBT community like she claims, she would have a better reason for kicking Dawson and his boyfriend out other than “they jumped in front of me and started kissing.”

Shane Dawson has since tweeted apologizing for bringing up Lahren’s name, though this makes little sense as Lahren did in a way admit to kicking the Youtuber and his boyfriend out. In addition, as if her aforementioned actions weren’t troubling enough, Lahren also unsuprisingly posted a tweet targeting the LGBT community. She wrote,

“LGBT community claims to be victimized by bullies so they spread fake news & encourage supporters to bully me? Makes no sense. Sad.”

As an ultra-conservative right wing supporter, it is no surprise Lahren has no respect for minorities- especially the LGBT community. What’s suprising is that in her Facebook post, she claimed she has no issue with the LGBT community… yet, she tweeted this just a half-hour ago. Interesting.

Fans of Shane and supporters of the LGBT community in general have took to twitter to show their support, trending the hashtag “#IStandWithShane”. While you’re under no obligation to believe, as Lahren puts it, the “fake news” Dawson so obviously perpetuates, you too can show your support by tweeting the hashtag. We hope Shane and his boyfriend recover both physically and mentally from the incident. As for Tomi Lahren, well, maybe karma will get it’s way one day.

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