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What Feminism REALLY Means

Feminism is a vital part of everyday life but it seems as though the majority of people don’t really know what the definition of feminism is.



  1. the advocacy of women’s rights on the basis of the equality of the sexes.

The dictionary definition of feminism doesn’t truly show what feminists actually fight for. It makes it seem as though we are only, and will only ever, fight for equality of the sexes, but in reality, true feminists fight for equality. Equality for all; no matter one’s sexuality, race, or gender. A true feminist fights for the rights and safety of all people.

It only seems as though we fight solely for women’s rights because that is the most prominent issue feminists fight for. However, feminism is a fight for all people to be treated equally. A feminist is someone who stands up for men and women in need. A true feminist is an intersectional feminist rather than a white feminist,  someone who stands with Black Lives Matter and is an advocate for the LGBTQ + community. A person who is constantly learning and trying to make our society fair for all and will fight for everyone’s rights until they are in their grave.

A feminist is not a person who goes to a Women’s March, chants, “My body, my choice!” and goes home, never to speak of the subject again. A feminist is not someone who looks down on people for any reason; whether it be: their makeup, outfits, the number of relationships they have been in, or social status. A feminist supports not only cis women but trans women, women of color, and other minorities as well as fights for issues outside of first world countries. A feminist supports those who do not support them because a real feminist isn’t perfect and understands that to some their views are controversial.

“A real feminist knows that they are still learning and realizes that others are doing the same.”

The term feminism is growing just like the people that identify with it. It has branched out from fighting for women’s rights and being a women’s term. Feminism now fights for equal rights and is a term for everyone.


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With influences like Lin-Manuel Miranda, Rowan Blanchard, Yara Shahidi, Dove Cameron, and Ariana Grande; Cher Valentine writes about the world around her in the best way she can. Detailing her life in a way that allows audiences to relate and change the way they see the world.

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