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Women’s March: White People and Their Incomplete Activism

After Donald Trump’s inauguration, Women’s Marches were held all throughout the U.S (and other parts of the world.) Women stood up and said NO to Donald Trump’s misogyny, they said NO to sexism and other forms of oppression. I was absolutely here for it. The empowerment, the love, the support, the unity.

But, let me tell you what I’m not here for, white feminism. Millions of women showed up to these marches and rallies. Most of whom were white.

So, I have a question:

Where are all of these white people during Black Lives Matter protests?

I am not trying to derail the great significance of the march. But, feminists care about injustice, right? Karen Grigsby Bates, a Los Angeles-based correspondent mentions in one of her articles, When ShiShi Rose, a young black Brooklyn blogger, wrote an Instagram post advising white women allies that ‘now is the time for you to be listening more, talking less.’ She suggested they become more conversant in culture beyond the mainstream standard. Some white women were so offended that they canceled plans to attend the march.” Activism isn’t complete if it doesn’t fight for everyone. Intersectional feminist look at all perspectives, which means that injustice towards women of color is also acknowledged. Any intersectional feminist would also be seen at Black Lives Matter protests if they truly care about everyone. This is what leads me to believe that a great deal of the white women at the Women’s Marches were white feminists. Seeing how millions of “woke” people showed up to fight against injustice when it comes to women really shed a light on fake or incomplete activism.

Black Lives Matter protest are typically flooded with black people which is kind of disturbing considering that a 2010 study shows that white people make up around 63% percent of the U.S. We should see more white people than black people at Black Lives Matter protests and marches. I was impressed by the Women’s Marches. Now impress me with the Black Lives Matter protests. This is not to discredit all of the intersectional feminists of all colors that showed up at these international Women’s Marches. I see you. But for every other white self-proclaimed “activist”, please remember- white silence cost lives.

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Yasia Howard
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My name is Yasia, I'm 19 and I'm from the east coast. Outside of writing journalism I enjoy slam poetry, reading, indulging in culture, food, music..and most importantly- being heard.

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