As a Muslim, I Still Have Hope For The Future

This past week has been one hell of a week, from Trump’s executive order on the ban of refugees to the rise of hate crimes towards muslims, my heart hurts a lot and I am saddened by the current state of the world. I am really tired of looking at the news and all types of social media because everywhere I look, there is something new that’s happening in the world and it is never good.

A part of me has lost hope in humanity, a part of me believes that there is no room for change and we have truly become a world filled with Islamophobia and hate. How did we let someone like Trump become president when he doesn’t even have the slightest bit of care or empathy for anyone but himself? How did we let someone who is homophobic, racist, and sexist, who only speaks lies and spreads hate become president? How did we let our world turn into this current state?

All of this just makes me want to give up on humanity and a part of me really has but in all honesty there is a bigger part of me which still has hope – which still believes that a good future exists for not only me but the future generation. All through this hate I still see so much love, compassion and support and this is what’s keeping me going.

All of the protests that have been taking place due to Trump’s executive orders really shows that there is actually more love than hate out there and Trump’s values do not represent the real America. I have hope in the future because there have been more people at airports protesting than the amount of people who were at Trump’s inauguration and to me, that really says a lot. I have hope in the future because I believe that human decency still exists and not everyone has the same beliefs as Trump. Over the past week there has been a huge range of support from so many different people, from Jews, Hindus, Christians and Atheists of all races. They have all come together to show support for refugees and Muslims and I think that’s so amazing and such a huge step to making a change.

Out of all the hate that is out there we need to remind ourselves that there is actually so much more love and support in the world and we should not be afraid to stand up for what we believe in.



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