Earlier this week Miles McKenna, formerly known as Amanda or AmandasChronicles on YouTube, announced the release of a series on Fullscreen after coming out as trans non binary. The series, Hella Gay with Amanda Mckenna, consists of twelve episodes that cover subjects within LGBT culture such as drag shows, combating hatred, coming out online as well as offline, coming to terms with a label, sexuality, queer sexual education, gender identity, and gender expression.

“I really want to live in a world where kids of the future don’t have to come out, we can just be,” Miles said in the series intro and announcement video. “So to get to that higher form of living, I’ve been talking about the fluidity, the diversity, everything about gender and sexuality and just being human. Putting it out there in a positive way; that’s what’s going to get us there.”

Personally, in my early teen years I was always googling and searching for validation on what was going on in my head and why I was feeling the way I was feeling. There’s never just one easy answer that pops up in the first link of Google. Trust me. I even swallowed my pride and went to Bing. Yeah, it was that serious.

There’s not a ton of resources online that exactly answer all of these questions in a positive way, and you’re bound to come across a few hateful forums or comments on message boards here and there that tell you, “you’re just confused and hormonal.”

LGBT teens don’t receive the education from schools, so we’re bound to find out all of this information — which is a lot to handle if you’re going through the whole ‘holy shit I’m probably really very a lot gay crisis’ at 14-16 years old — on our own terms, and you don’t just jump into that knowing where to look. This topic of LGBT education in schools is also covered on an episode of Hella Gay called Sex Ed.

Shannon Beveridge and Miles both agree that it’s good for people in social media to have visual representation to help guide younger questioning teens through whatever they might be going through, as they stated in episode three of the series. That’s exactly what Miles is doing with their following and especially this series: giving a platform for young teens to become educated in the LGBT culture in a mature, hatred free and accepting way.

To watch Hella Gay with Amanda Mckenna, you can go to fullscreen.com or download the Fullscreen app.

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