Dear Teachers: 4 Reasons Why It Is NOT Cool to Be Strict

People we don’t  necessarily want to think about in our free time and in school either, people who sometimes seem strange and haven’t got any kind of humor, some even so little that we have to question their humanity.


Sure, you guys are here to fill our brains with knowledge and help us going the right directions in life but this is also possible with less discipline and more fun – this way students are going to come in the classrooms with a smile on their faces and wish you a good morning sincerely.

Strictness on the other hand does not only make you unpopular but I doubt that you’re happy being the talk for students and colleagues.

Maybe these 4 reasons will make it clearer why it is not cool and productive to be strict:

  1. Students, I experienced myself, learn a lot more in a relaxed atmosphere without a person in the room stressing them out means that they are way more productive and receptive, good for them and for the teachers.
  2. Especially the quiet ones in class are the ones who have to say something but are restricted by the negative energy in the room. Not only are the lessons less filled with clever comments and are so less exciting but it is a huge disadvantage for the students with a loud brain but a quiet mouth.
  3. I actually like going to school. Most of our teachers are so relaxed and my classmates are my best friends. Aren’t that the best circumstances to encourage my future kids to go to school happily? Not that I wouldn’t send them to school whether they like it or not, but my dad has always told me about how he loved going there so let’s say it burned into my brain and gave me an instant feeling of comfortless whenever I sat in the chair in front of the board with the teacher next to it,  but just because they have always been polite. Impolite and strict teachers on the other hand reach the complete opposite, that’s why, in my opinion, one quarter of the Schoolchildren have such a negative attitude toward school, which is going to continue with their children etc. if nobody shows them how fun school can be with the right environment.
  4. Aren’t smiles and laughs one of the prettiest things in the entire world, especially when they are directed at you? Yes, they totally are. And if you are being friendly you can watch your class laughing over a joke you made or one of your students shouted around. To be honest the teachers I know enjoy this just as much a we do, so brighten up your day by going easy on it and your surroundings, I guarantee your soul will bless you for this just as your beauty. Smiles ARE attractive!

So basically we all know that teachers with a strict strike tend to be infamous ones but those are facts that go deeper in the topic, hopefully clearing up some fog blurring the vision from them.

Let me say you that you should not let you intimidate from any teacher, do your thing. You are doing it right.




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