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Do Not Let Trump’s Flow of Executive Orders Overshadow His Previous Ones

Donald Trump is going through executive orders quickly – signing them then adding another layer of anxiety and heavy hearts to people across the country. The quick uprisings against his unconstitutional, ignorant, and cruel E.Os give hope to many, me included. There is something refreshing and reassuring about spontaneous protests where hands of all colors hold each other and chant for change.

Although the need to resist or protest one of Trump’s irresponsible rhetorics every day is frightening, the enthusiasm for change is refreshing and powerful; therefore it should never be temporary.

  • Within the first week Trump has signed off on the “Mexico City Policy” which prohibits the use of foreign money or aid to fund family planning institutions that promote abortion. This ban applies to all global health aid as well.
  • The construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline will continue along with the “Dakota Access Pipeline” which has been strongly opposed by environmentalist and Native American tribes across the country.
  • Silencing government agencies like EPA and Department of Agriculture; meaning they must go through a political review before releasing information to the public.
  • The building of the wall along the Mexican Border.
  • The “Muslim ban

These are only some of his most controversial to date, and while the large mass of crowds forming protests against his unconstitutional and tyrannical leadership show us compassion laced with in the American public, we can’t forget the previous damaging executive orders that came along with the Trump Administration.

Trump’s way of quickly pushing out executive orders in such a short amount of time is strategy to have the American people forget what his last one was. It’s hard to keep up but this isn’t your favorite daytime soap opera, this is about the wellbeing about real people affected by a government who doesn’t care about them and promotes a bigoted agenda. You can fight for a bipartisan or simply an efficient immigration reform through protests with the rest of the country but don’t forget about Standing Rock, or women’s rights to choose. Don’t forget about the fights we’ve been fighting since discussion began.

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Maria Rozo
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When I'm not writing, I enjoy spending most of my time eating ice cream, looking at pictures of dogs, or indulging in passionate rants about socio-political issues. I also love swings. I want to study theater and political science in college, and I want to go to Latin American countries and volunteer by empowering women and showing them the importance of using knowledge for power and liberation.


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