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I Repeat, Rape Jokes Aren’t Funny.

You say being a feminist is an extremism towards a gender. You say, “Women already have equal rights.”

And I say, while you laugh at this movement, you are laughing at 15 million girls who become child brides each year.

You are laughing at millions of girls sold into sex slavery.

You are laughing at the 70% of Indian women who are victims of Domestic Violence in their lifetime.

You are laughing at the countless cases of rape around the world and the unfathomable discrimination against a population for something as simple as their gender.

If you say that we do not need feminism then you are selfish. Selfish that you have not stopped to think about the millions of girls, women and trans women who are getting killed, brutally assaulted, mutilated, raped or sold into sex slavery for child marriages.

Today, the world is still lacking in female representation, many women are still having their “firsts” many years after their male counterparts. The first American woman to walk in space was in 1983 whereas the first man was in 1961. Marvel is finally giving one of its female superheroes a movie of her own after countless male superheroes have had their own movies and even multiple series. Measures such as date rape drug prevention nail polish and locking mechanisms for underwear have been created. Women in China wear knee length socks caked in synthetic hair in order to not appear too ‘tempting’ to men. Comic book conventions and parties have posted signs on their walls stating that a revealing costume doesn’t qualify as consent, stating something that should be common knowledge.

When did “Convince me” become a substitute for “NO”? 

Products are being created and clothes are being ‘proofed’ to prevent rape and temptation instead of actually eradicating rape culture because how does someone eradicate a ‘myth’?

Every time someone says we don’t need feminism anymore, keep in mind:

“Due to insufficient dowry, this young girl’s husband lacerated her face with a razor blade.” – Ph. Adrian Fisk (Gwalior, India)

Women are not property. They are not a ‘temple to worship’ or a ‘nice piece of ass’. They are not a ‘side piece’ or a ‘slut’ or a ‘b*tch’ for choosing to be open about their sexual preferences. Just like they are also not a ‘prude’ or ‘stuck up’ for refusing to partake in any act they deem unwanted.

It is not okay to sexually harass women.

It is not okay to gender slur femininity.

It is not okay to sex shame women.

It is not okay to police women’s bodies.

It is not okay to downplay the existence of rape culture.

It is not okay to shame rape survivors.

It is not okay to target people who speak about women’s rights on the internet.

Women have come way too far in History for them to still feel the need to carry pepper spray with them when they step out of their homes. Women have come way too far to fear walking the streets alone. We have come way too far to still have to protest about this. We have come too far to be reduced to rape jokes and demeaning memes. We have come way too far to be silenced and ruled off as a myth.

Wear your gender on your sleeves because regardless of if you are a mother, daughter or sister to someone; if you are a working woman or undecided; educated or not; sexually active or not; no one owns your body. No one owns your mind. And no one, I repeat no one, owns everything that you are and everything that you have to offer.

Don’t ever stop fighting for your rights because they are yours. It’s been yours since birth and it’s about time we reclaimed it.

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