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Taking One Step Forward and Two Steps Back

With time comes change but with the controversial political decisions being made in one of the most influential countries of the world by people who do not seem to be very accepting of diversity we can only imagine how it is all negative, but it is still the beginning of the year. In the society we live today there are quite a lot of people who believe that progress comes with time, and although every day we become more aware of what is going on in our society, we have only moved a smudge.

While looking at the entertainment industry we see diversity, Latin-Americans are playing important roles in movies, members of the LBGT+ community are getting recognized by their music and now more than ever black people are included in the fashion industry. We feel proud that representation has come such a long way and we think of how amazing it is that we get to experience an age of change and acceptance, a time where every day we feel more comfortable being ourselves instead of being what everyone else want us to be.

The problem is that this is not a finished fight, and it is easy to forget, because most of us were raised watching TV shows that promoted unity and respect towards others but sadly there are thousands of people out there who feel offended by your raise, gender, culture, ethnicity, sexuality or just your overall existence if you are in anyway or form different from them.

The movements for the acceptance of diversity happen frequently and it shows how much we have grown as a society, but the one most of us participate in are those of our fingers moving to tweet the most recent hashtag. Now, I am not one to judge such thing, I believe that social media has brought us a bigger way and platform to showcase our ideas and beliefs. To bring attention to important issues we must do it via a place that most have access to. By doing so we educate the ones who are ignorant to these issues and show a more personal side of how it affects the lives of so many.

But these fights we have fought through the inner-webs must also be fought on our everyday life. We must never stay silent when injustice and discrimination is taking place, no matter who we must call out in the process. We must also always remember that many have sacrificed everything, including their lives, in order to provide the freedom we have today, that when we talk of racism or sexism or homophobia, it is never lightly.

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Nomaris Garcia Rivera

Nomaris is from the beautiful island of Puerto Rico, a girl who mostly just studies and listens to any genre of music but mainly indie or pop. Knows way too many things about celebrities and pop culture.

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