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You Got Deferred From College — Now What?

Congratulations! If you are reading this, you most likely got the decision deferred on your college decision letter. You probably have no idea what to do or say to your peers and family who want to know if you got into your top choice. You aren’t alone as I am in the same position as you.

Deferment is a term only know by early action/decision applicants. This process allows colleges to put your name back in the pool for regular decision consideration.

Thus putting you the exact waiting period that you tried to avoid when submitting your early application. So while you wait for your actual decision to come through, here’s a list of things you can do during those additional two months.

  1. Follow The Instructions. Within the letters, colleges will have instructions on how to submit any additional new materials. Mid-year grades and new standardized test scores especially. Both can have a really good influence on your application the second time around. Also, be on the lookout for any emails from the school(s) as they may have additional instructions as well.
  2. Shoot An Email or Send A Letter to the Admissions Office. This lets them know how much you really want to attend this school.  Be mindful of the school’s deferral policies and don’t send them old information. Be sure to also include updates on your academic and extracurricular life that wasn’t in your original application.
  3. Look Over Your Other Options. Even though deferment does not mean denial, always be prepared for the worst. Make sure your backup school applications are submitted and you found schools that you will also be happy going to if you don’t get accepted to your top choice.
  4. Relax and focus on your last semester. Don’t let the deferment knock you down from your studies. You made it this far. Don’t let one decision change that for you. Keep up with your school work and have fun this semester. Be sure to balance that out because you must submit your final senior year grades to the college you go to. 

Deferment is not the worst thing in the world. Think of it as they liked you so much they wanted to see your application, not once but twice. So let’s just take a deep breath and get through this waiting period together. It can’t be that bad.
If you want more information on deferral, click on this link or this one for help as well as your colleges’ sites to see their statistics and procedures. 

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Tatyana Williams
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Tatyana is an 18-year-old introverted college student. When's she's not doing countless grammatical errors, you can find her lurking on Twitter, editing videos, or sleeping. She's also has a very bad obsession with all things Disney. You can follow her antics on her twitter. @tatertaty.


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