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Trump and Le Pen on Refugees Send the Wrong Message

From BBC

Marine Le Pen is French attorney and a candidate who believes that France should drop the euro, leave the European Union and should fight terrorist fundementalists. Just recently she was spotted at Trump Tower in New York and has been a vocal Trump supporter, with many people noticing similarities between her and Trump. One Trump is terrifying enough but many now fear another as people don’t know what to make of our political future.

Some similarities between them include their views on immigration and refugees, climate change and their relationship with Vladmir Putin. Focusing particularly on refugees:

Trump: Trump instates a travel ban on people coming from predominantly muslim countries.


Le Pen: A communique message issued said: “As a precaution, Marine Le Pen urges to immediately stop accepting migrants in France and to stop urgently their spread in the French communes, towns and villages.” This was issued after the Paris attacks where the suicide bombers arrived in France via Greece.

A pattern develops of two influencing politicians wanting to shut the doors on the refugees seeking asylum from war torn countries. The actual order of banning refugees from seeking protection in another country and providing aid is against human rights. If we all start shutting doors, what will become of this world that relies on protection, equality and leadership? Already people are protesting against the discriminatory ban, which has created social unrest. By countries telling Muslims that they don’t want them in their country, denying them the right to asylum, they only make them more united as a front and get create international attention and controversy.

Two politicians, one a president, the other a candidate for presidency, are both from developed countries that have a lot of influence. This tells people, countries, basically everyone what a scary place the world can become.

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Mana Mehta is an aspiring journalist, and on most days you can find her glued to a good book, eating Mexican food or debating politics. Follow her on twitter @mana_mehta or EMAIL her for inquiries at

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