An Open Letter to Donald Trump

Dear Mr. President,

I know the times of quill pens and the pony express are long gone, however, I couldn’t think of another way to express these words to you. They tell us to write to our congressmen and while you are not my state representative, you do represent my country. You are the image that represents America to the rest of the world. With that being said, there are a few things that could be tweaked to this image you portray.

Firstly, America should not be seen as unwelcoming of foreigners. Our country was founded by immigrants looking for a new beginning. I can only think of one reason that you are frightened of newcomers. You are scared that they will do to us what we did to the Native Americans: steal their land. But you see, times have changed and these “illegal aliens” only wish to contribute to our nation and flourish among us rather than exclusively. I am a daughter of immigrants and I could not imagine another home. This is my country just as it is yours. I wish to know the reason you chose to run a country built by immigrants and minorities if you are so against them.

Secondly, your encouragement of sexism and bigotry has enabled others to act in the same manner. This xenophobic behavior you portray is not healthy for the safety of our people. It has caused violent acts all around the country. Two of your followers felt they had the right to pee on a sleeping homeless man simply for being Mexican. When you heard about the act, you publicly assumed they were just passionate about making America great again. Would this have been your reaction if the homeless man weren’t Mexican, or did his social class also impact your almost proud reaction. There was also an attack on a Muslim woman in a restaurant merely for wearing a hijab and speaking her native language, Swahili. This violence and hatred should not be deemed as normal. These hate filled actions are being condemned as they’re being done under a disguise of making America great “again”. I wish to know what is the image of America that you view as great? Was it the America where women weren’t allowed to vote? Was it the America where people of color were separated from whites into lower-class communities? Or is it the current America where we allow Muslims to fight for our country but we do not fight for them?

I know getting a response from you isn’t very likely, nonetheless, I want to ask you one last thing: Why do you believe you were elected president? You are hated by many, so why you? You are unqualified for the job, so why did America pick you?

Perhaps I’ll try twitter next time,

A nasty woman.



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