The Generation From Yesterday: How About Respect?

About one and a half months ago I was walking to the cinema with my friends, having a little talk with them in the cool air, enjoying each other’s company. In the distance I could see a few people coming from the other way towards us, all between the ages 45-55. On the sidewalk we were going was space, at least enough to not bump into each other. So we continued walking until I was at height with a woman who was having a bag with her full of groceries, at that point I have to say again: There was enough space for the four of us, but apparently not in her eyes. I was turning my head to my friends ready to reply to something when this shoulder with the bag swung over it hit mine, making me stumble and looking at the woman with a blank expression mixed with the shimmer of speechlessness, the words “Such a cow” leaving my mouth. Shortly after an elderly man screamed at me to ‘watch my mouth’. It was outrageous and let’s say my evening was ruined, thanks to my fellow human beings tho.

Whatever, that night I lay in bed and just couldn’t sleep, it was one of those nights where you are thinking about your life, your future and all that stuff. The incident that happened a few hours ago wouldn’t go out of my head and there was this one topic that made my annoyance grow bigger: WHY doesn’t  the generation from yesterday respect us? They always expect us to show respect towards them but never give anything back and this is not how it works.

Of course they have a lot more experience than we have and not anybody acts like that, but every human being on this earth deserves to be treated the way all people want to be treated: kind.

There’s no question that today’s generation isn’t the same as the one 40 years ago: they smoke, they drink, some do drugs and so on, but not everybody.

I, for example, am a straight B student, have never smoked, drink only at special occasions and am not planning on doing any drugs at all.

BE KIND and RESPECT you surroundings is all I want to say, you don’t know anything about the people you see in the streets.

I wrote this article in such a rage that I really have to apologize for the bad structure but I hope all of you get which message this article is supposed to deliver and please take it by heart. Only you know who you are, don’t let anybody destroy your happiness.



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