The Cheeto Coloured Misogynist May Issue A New Blatantly Xenophobic Travel Ban Order

After the court blocked his racist travel ban against Muslims from specific predominantly Muslim Countries on Thursday, Donald Trump stated, on Friday, that he is considering signing “a brand new order” on immigration to ensure that the ban stays in place.

Although the clearly Muslim centred travel ban was denied by the Supreme Court, Trump said that he was confident he would prove victorious in the court battle over the travel ban; he is said to be looking at “a lot of other options” that wouldn’t involve a legal battle and could take action as soon as this upcoming week. When asked whether these “options” could possibly mean yet another executive order, Trump said, “it very well could be, we need speed for reasons of security, so it very well could be.”

So it seems as if this stubborn man we call the President of the United States, whose tweets resemble the likes of Taylor Swift, will attempt to reissue his previously blocked travel ban (which will apparently change “very little” from the first one), despite the negative uproar the first dehumanizing ban against Muslims received. The chaos included protests across the world, with thousands of people standing in airports like JFK and LAX or in front of 10 Downing Street (the UK Prime Minister’s home) with signs and chants, in order to show solidarity with not only the 100 Muslims detained over the weekend, but also with the millions of non-radical Muslims from the seven countries a part in the ban, including myself.

What Trump doesn’t realize is despite his blatant discrimination, millions of people will still protest, fight, and stand for the rights of those Muslims who are banned from entering the USA, reissuing or not; we will not remain silent or divided over this ban.



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