Dear White People Stop Crying About Reverse Racism, It Doesn’t Exist

Dear white people,

It has come to my attention that a small number of you are outraged with Netflix regarding a new show they will be airing. The show, titled “Dear White People,” is a satire of post-racial America and a spin-off of a 2014 indie movie of the same name that won critical acclaim. It follows a cast of young black students at a fictional university and their complex relationships with race and racism. However, in it’s comedic style and blunt delivery, some of you have labeled the show to be racist against white people and are boycotting Netflix.

First off, let me debunk the myth that this show is racist to white people. Yes, it does have almost all black leading characters, yes it does focus on how a society misused by white people is an abuse of power, but that does not make it racist. While the dictionary definition of racism is based, as the name would imply, on race, the true definition has more to due with power and how it pertains to race. Which is why the show cannot be racist towards whites, because the white race is the one that holds power in the society that we live in.

Another point that was brought up by those boycotting Netflix, is that “Dear White People” promotes white genocide. White genocide (aka the repackaged version of Hitler’s very own racial purity ideology) is where the real racism lies. White genocide is a racist argument, so don’t pull the “this is racist card.” Saying that something is racist and then citing white genocide as the reason is a contradictory statement.


I’m not going to pretend that I in any way sympathize with anyone that is boycotting Netflix over “Dear White People,” but I do understand. It’s new and different and probably a little unsettling for some of you to see the media point a finger in the direction of the white race. However, diversity and inclusion are things to be welcomed because it’s a step towards equality. We should all strive for equality, which is why I ask everyone, especially white people, to be willing to reach out and meet halfway.



  1. Although I agree that people should not get all up and arms about shows that present different point of views than the ones they have, it’s ignorant to say that racism towards white people doesn’t exist. It very much does. Racism is not the sole possession of white people. Each race has stereotypes and most racism is simply born out of ignorant hatred.

    I’ve travelled through South America on my own for several months and experienced racism and judgement. I performed poetry at an all-black spoken word performance as a white man and experienced racism.

    I love the differences we have between peoples, cultures and colours and will always strive to open myself up to the teachings we can impart, but racism is worldwide. It is hatred of differences,
    and misguided.

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