This is the Fashion We Need More Of

Christian Siriano was the talk of New York Fashion Week for all the right reasons. Not only was his collection gorgeous, but for the second season in a row he decided to use plus sized models, more than any other designer.

Plus size models have recently been put into the spotlight, like they deserve, and Siriano is one designer to showcase that woman of all colour and size are beautiful. In his own words, “people are people and I think we should support everyone we can, and I would never want to alienate myself from anyone that wanted to buy a piece from my collection.” By celebrating the beauty of diversity at Fashion Week, Siriano has taken the initiative to redefine standards to a new level.

Out of the 53 looks walking down the runway, 10 of the models showcasing them were plus sized. The show had models from sizes two to sixteen, as “it wouldn’t make sense not to have every shape and size as much as we can in the show,” says Siriano.

Models like Ashley Graham and Barbie Ferreira need more recognition and acceptance from all fashion designers, because there are more people wanting to buy clothes than just size 2 models. What does that say to us when there are just a line of similar sized women walking down the runway? Do we need to look like them? What about people who don’t look like that, can we still wear those clothes? These insecurities need to be addressed by more people of all sizes strutting their stuff.

“I just book girls that are fabulous,” Siriano says as he gives an inside scoop to USA today. Inclusitivioty is the new trend at fashion week, where models are from all over the world, showing different colours, wearing natural hair and representing diversity. This is the mindset that needs to be of the fashion industries top priority. Vogue recently faced backlash for doing the opposite of this, flying all the way to Japan for a photoshoot of a white woman with set being Japanese culture. What message does this send?

Siriano’s commitment to showing people diversity is beautiful doesn’t end there. Siriano’s husband, Brad Walsh, designed a t-shirt that reads “People are People,” where all the proceeds of the t-shirt will go to ACLU, the American Civil Liberties Union, an organisation that fights to make the world safer for minorities.



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