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#HurtBae is Everything this Generation is and Shouldn’t Be

*Note: after realizing the victim blaming in this article, we realized that it was poor judgement for us to publish this article and apologize to our readers.

This week, posted this video and it went viral almost instantly. All night and all day today people have been tagging #hurtbae on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. While many people are solely blaming they guy, Leonard, for his actions, his ex-girlfriend, Kourtney, was also at fault.

Cheating is such a touchy subject because there are always so many what if’s and case by case scenarios. However, if you ask me, cheating is wrong. Point blank.

People who cheat say things like, ‘it was a mistake’ ‘I didn’t mean to do it’ ‘I just had a lapse of judgement’ but honestly, that’s all bullshit. Cheating is a choice just like being in a relationship is. No one forced you to flirt or kiss or have sex with anyone. Also, no one forced you into a relationship, no matter how ‘crazy’ you say your partner is.

If you don’t feel like you’re ready to give up being able to do whatever you want with whoever you want, don’t get in a relationship. If you are in a relationship, don’t give into the temptations of cheating. These are simple things that this generation have made seem foreign. Being faithful isn’t an option and shouldn’t be seen as treasure in a relationship. The entire point of a relationship is to be committed to one person and to build and grow with them. If that’s not the goal, why are you wasting time and energy?

Sadly, most of this generation does not see things like this. So, they end up in these tragic situations like #hurtbae and the world gives them shame or sympathy.

Kourtney is like many people today and didn’t love herself enough to walk away from a toxic situation. I know it’s hard when you love someone and want to have faith in them but no matter what they say or how much they beg, they’re going to do it again, and they’re probably only sorry that they got caught. We become so weak when we get the smallest ounce of love and we hold onto it as if there isn’t love anywhere or with anyone else in this world. It’s time to wake up and realize that loving yourself is honestly the most important thing you can do as a person and anyone who stops you from doing that should not be a part of your life.

For all you cheaters out there, grow up. It’s 2017 and we’re coming to each other as women and as men and eventually you’re gonna get caught up. Cheaters love to deny their true colors because they don’t want to be seen as a bad person or judged for their choices or my personal favorite “I didn’t want to hurt you.” All of this is so stupid because eventually you will get caught and your partner is going to end up 10x more hurt and have way less respect for you than they would if you had been honest from the beginning. Stop being selfish and calling it caring because you’re only hurting the people that care about you.

Being alone is so much better than being with someone who’s phone you feel the need to go through every day or that you’re not satisfied with. Much of this generation doesn’t understand that relationships are about more than gifts and cute pictures. We’ve become to addicted to these false ‘relationship goals’ that we see online which glorify the simplest or most materialistic parts of a relationship. If you don’t wake up every day happy, satisfied, and without any doubts in your mind, you probably shouldn’t be in your relationship. I’m in no way saying relationships are going to be perfect but they should be beneficial and overall improve the quality of your life.


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