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5 Underrated LGBTQ+ Internet Stars to Watch in 2017

Image via Christopher Medak

With January over and February in full swing, what better time to celebrate than to look at 5 LGBT superstars that have broken into 2017 with huge success and inspiration. 


Image via Netflix

Star of Netflix’s ‘The OA’, Ian is a trans man of color who advocates for social justice both on and off social media. Recently attending Anti-Trump protests, he continues to encourage his followers to challenge their views on an array of feminist, queer and racial issues. Ian has also highlighted a potential problem with Twitter’s verification system that may exclude trans folk as it requires the presentation of photo ID. Further, he has promoted donating to charities for families struggling in Syria. If these first few months are anything to go by, Ian’s work will have reached countless people by the end of the year.


Image via Youtube user: AmandasChronicles

Shortly after announcing their upcoming tour, Miles Mckenna came out as non-binary. In their coming out video they end with the quote “I’d rather be hated for who I am than loved for who I’m not”, encouraging their followers to believe that to be who you are will make you happier than pleasing other people ever will. As if that inspiring message wasn’t enough, Miles has also very recently released a FullScreen original series called ‘Hella Gay’ which dives into various sections of the LGBT community with the hope that telling the stories of queer people will make others feel more comfortable in their own skin. Already campaigning for a second season, 2017 is looking bright for the YouTuber.


Image via Instagram user: Domo.Crissy.15

Fighting the stigma of being a pregnant, black lesbian is no easy task, and yet, Domo seems to do it with such ease. In her recent video ‘being a pregnant “DYKE”’ she spoke with passion about her journey into motherhood and the negativity she has faced on the internet. Despite this, her spirits remain constantly high as she continues to film pranks, challenges and vlogs in the face of great adversity. With the baby due in just a couple of months, it is certainly an exciting time for Domo and her fiance Crissy.


Image via Pidgeon

Intersex rights activist Pidgeon ended 2016 on a high after they featured on the front page of National Geographic Magazine and were awarded an ‘LGBT Champion of Change’ award by the White House. Indeed this success has carried through as they continue to campaign for the awareness of issues facing intersex people. As well as writing for Everyday Feminism Magazine, they are also youth leadership coordinator at InterACT youth, touching the lives of many. If you’re intersex and need a role model to turn to, or simply want to educate yourself this year, Pidgeon’s blog is perfect.


Image via Youtube user: ThePrinceSane

For vlogging the entirety of her facial feminization surgery recovery, Stef is already a hero, but her whole youtube channel is a goldmine of genuine stories, advice and experiences from the perspective of a trans woman. Recently opening up about the realities of being a woman with a penis and performing spoken poetry about sexual assault, Stef’s videos are reaching levels of unrivaled honesty and bravery. Her channel is certainly one to watch this year, whether that be to educate yourself, to look up to someone, or simply to appreciate her charismatic lifestyle videos!

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Anna is a 19 year old undergraduate politics student at the University of Birmingham, UK. She takes particular interest in sport, feminism, LGBTQ+ rights, mental health and, of course, politics itself. You can find Anna on social media with the user: @tyrannacaurus. [Contact:].


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