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5 Websites and Apps That Can Help You Find Black-Owned Businesses

One of the best ways to show solidarity and unity in the black community is by buying from or using services from black-owned businesses, but this is not always easy.  Many of us would like to support these businesses but are unsure of where to find them. Fortunately, there are several apps and websites that keep a directory of black owned businesses and can help you locate ones near you.

1. WhereU Came From 

WhereU Came From is a website and app that allows consumers to search for local businesses and services that are black-owned. It included listings for clothing stores, banks, child care and everything in between.

2. Support Black Owned 

Support Black Owned is a directory  of black owned businesses across the world. It is easy to search, and if you are looking to advertise your business, it is FREE to add a business to the website.

3. We Buy Black

We Buy Black is an online marketplace that showcases black owned businesses and their products. Shoppers can buy many unique items and support thousands of businesses.

4. iZania

iZania features a way to search for local black owned businesses in your area and also features an online market. iZania searches for the best products and businesses across America and highlights them, encouraging people to shop black.

5. Moovn

Moovn is not an app that helps you find black owned businesses; It is a black owned business. An alternative to popular ride sharing apps like Uber or Lyft, Moovn is especially note worthy because it operates in under served countries in Africa and the Middle East. Currently, It is only available in a couple of cities in the US, but it is still  steadily growing.

There are many black entrepreneurs running businesses throughout the US and the world. Unfortunately, many of them are not supported by the community like they should be. Using one of these websites or apps mentioned above would probably reveal several black owned businesses near you that you weren’t even aware of. Supporting a black owned business can now be as easy as a quick search.

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