55 Ways to Practice Self-Care

Whether you’re suffering with mental illness or just had a stressful week or day we all deserve to take care of ourselves. So, if you ever need inspiration on how to make yourself feel better or just want a self care tip in general then make sure to check out these 55 ways to practice self care in your everyday life.

  1. Remember that it isn’t selfish to take care of yourself
  2. Cry it all out
  3. Allow yourself to say no to people, obligations, etc.
  4. Drink plenty of water
  5. Read a book or start a new television series
  6. Re-watch your favorite childhood movie
  7. Write your thoughts into a journal
  8. Turn your feelings into art
  9. Light your favorite candles
  10. Book a therapy session with a professional
  11. Take a long bath or shower
  12. Go out for a walk
  13. Snuggle up with a pet or your favorite stuffed animal
  14. Make a list of things that make you happy
  15. Call in sick and take a mental health day (Don’t feel bad about it)
  16. Redecorate your room
  17. Clean your room
  18. Take a nap
  19. Go to bed early and get that 8 hours of sleep that you deserve
  20. Sleep in
  21. Call a friend, family member or other loved one
  22. Watch some funny internet videos
  23. Cook yourself a meal
  24. Talk to yourself about your day, your future goals, etc.
  25. Listen to your favorite songs
  26. Have a dance party
  27. Turn off all electronic devices
  28. Take a break from social media
  29. Hug someone
  30. Pick up a new hobby
  31. Do yoga
  32. Bake a cake
  33. Drink some tea
  34. Write a love letter to yourself
  35. Trash emails that you won’t read
  36. Make a to do list
  37. Get organized and make yourself a schedule
  38. Create a vision board
  39. Stretch or do a light exercise
  40. Don’t bring yourself down for not exercising  
  41. Re-read your favorite childhood book
  42. Go through old photos
  43. Shield yourself from toxic people
  44. Go for a drive
  45. Make a positivity jar
  46. Build a self care box
  47. Give yourself a spa treatment
  48. Eat some fruits and vegetables
  49. Forgive yourself
  50. Notice the good in yourself
  51. Go shopping
  52. Go to your favorite coffee shop
  53. Treat yourself to an expensive food or drink  
  54. Revisit your favorite childhood park
  55. Take some time to meditate  



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