If I Want to Dress Boldly, Let Me

Ever since I was a little girl, fashion and style has always been important to me. The ability to express yourself through a vibrant piece of clothing, the ability to walk out in the street with the flashing city lights showing the world that you are a boss just by fashion is amazing.
Some people in today’s society have embraced these changes in the fashion world and applaud people who continue to dress to impress- or even just dress to show people pieces of yourself. For instance, the New York Fashion Show this past season was different and exciting. But too often I hear about people judging other people because of something they are wearing. I remember so clearly a day when a girl behind me in class whispered to her friend when I bought brand new circular 80’s inspired glasses, “does she really think those are cute?”, with a hushed laughter. I was really frustrated. Why were these girls judging me for wearing an accessory that I chose to wear? An accessory that embodied my bold fashion choices? I regret that I didn’t say something to them and I should have.
Here’s something to remember. When you put something on, and you feel good, others have no right to judge you for what you look like. When you walk out of the house or work or school and you feel confident- you are symbolizing that radiant boldness that not all individuals possess. It’s sad to me when others can’t wear what they want to because they feel like they will be judged or looked down upon.
To anyone who is worried about what others are going to think of them because of their fashion decisions, get over it. If you feel good, no one should have the power to take that away from you.
The importance of not conforming in today’s community is so crucial- especially in the times we are living in currently. It’s okay to be different, it’s ok to be bold, and it’s ok to feel pride in what you are putting on your body, whatever it looks like. Embrace yourself, love yourself, and find joy in dressing yourself.



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