Somalia Bombing: Symbol of a Broken Past

An ear-splitting boom shook the small marketplace of Somalia’s capital, leaving 34 killed and at least 50 injured. The explosion came from a car parked in a marketplace where a bomb was secretly placed inside the vehicle. The attack’s intentions have yet to be specified but it is believed to be related to the newly elected president, Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed. Although no group has come forward and claimed the violent act, the group  al-Shabab is the current suspect. Somalia has been divided into several groups for years because of the country’s rough past which causes common conflict between them to this day.

The people of Somalia have been living in peril for the past 26 years– and counting. This horror story began when Mohamed Siad Barre took the role of presidency in 1969 with a seemingly great plan to make Somalia great. The idea of Scientific Socialism was proposed by Barre to fit the needs of Somalia. He built schools, roads, hospitals, and even reconstructed education systems that skyrocketed the literary rate in the country like never before. The country hadn’t seen such progress in decades and Barre was painted as a hero.

The peaches and cream flavor soon turned bitter by the new leader’s true motives. Barre began to tear the country of Somalia apart from its core. All the country’s central government policies were discarded by the new leader as he created a new inner-circle group made up only of his family members. The people were forced to praise this central government and assimilate to their new order. Barre soon transformed into a ruthless dictator that executed anyone in opposition. He became more than a leader with a plan– he became the country’s enemy.

The country was renamed, the parliament was erased, and the constitution was suspended and rewritten to fit his own views (hint hint).

At last, the people in rebellion overthrew this nasty leader in January 1991 during a bloody civil war that left the country torn. Yes, their dictator was gone but the country of Somalia was left without a central government. The groups left behind fought for power amongst each other and the country broke up into many tribes with differing ideas that caused conflict to the socio-economic well-being of Somalia. Unfortunately, Somalia was set up for chaos when dictator Barre came in with great intentions but an even greater ego.

The country remains at war and divided while innocent people lose their lives since this violence is common between groups. Somalia continues to be the product a prideful dictator that left a greater impact that just a presidential term… he left behind a legacy. Every leader leaves footprints on the country he or she rules and this is often underestimated when it comes to looking out for the country’s long term success.



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