Where’s the LGBT+ Representation in Lana Del Rey’s New Music Video?

Where’s the LGBT+ Representation in Lana Del Rey’s New Music Video?

So Lana del Rey released a new music video for her latest song “Love”, the first single of her upcoming album, and some fans reacted in a bad way immediately because LGBT+ representation was missing in a video about Love, ironic right?

The music video starts with Lana singing to a crowd of young people (approximately 18-22 years old) in a black and white filter, and then they show the same people that was in the crowd in different scenarios falling in love with each other, as the song says “young and in love”. But even though the song seems very powerful and encouraging to the LGBT+ community

“I made my first 4 albums for me, but this one is for my fans and about where I hope we are all headed” – said Lana in a statement about her new album.

Its known for a fact that a huge part of Lana´s fan base is formed by members of the lgbtq+ community and for Lana to not include them doesn’t make any sense at all. The song was good and it was a strong first single for a new record but we would like to see more LGBT+ representation in future music videos or songs since this album is for “us”.



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