I Promise, No One Cares If You’re Shopping Alone!

As an introvert and overall not the most outgoing person, I’m the type that has a few close friends rather than a bunch of pretty close ones. As a result, I don’t always have someone to bring along whenever I want to do something. And while I’m constantly working on being just a little more social, I also don’t let it stop me from going out.

Whether it be the movies, a museum, grabbing food or coffee, shopping, etc., I have no problem being my only company. I never really thought it was a big deal anyways until I was talking to my coworker one day. She really wanted to go to the mall, but decided not to because she had no one to go with. Of course I told her she should go regardless. In my head I thought, “Wow, I always go shopping by myself. It’s such a normal thing for someone like me who has, like, three friends.” Appearing like a loner never crossed my mind or bothered me because, when you think about it, so what if you’re some place alone? Seriously, no one is going to be bothered by it besides you (if you let yourself be). That being said, below is a list of just a few reasons why being alone is A-ok.

  1. Hanging out with friends is always great and can really boost
    your mood. It’s nice being around people, especially those that inspire you or just make you feel your best. However, being introverted you know spending a day with people can actually make it feel like the energy is being drained from your body. Sometimes, alone-time
    can be vital.
  2. F.O.M.O.- So, it’s a beautiful day and you really want to go for a walk somewhere. Sadly, no one’s around to accompany you. This can go one of two ways: A) You decide not to go. You stay home and nighttime rolls around, and you’re probably regretting by now wasting a sunny day. OR B) You go by yourself, catch some rays, get some fresh air, you’re feelin’ good. But hey, it’s your choice.
  3. Let’s be real, you’re pretty cute. Like, c’mon, just look at you! You decided to grab some coffee and read your book to kill some time. Someone sees you and admires you from afar. I can guarantee the fact that you’re alone made them 50% more likely to approach you. You’re welcome.
  4. You ever go to a museum, shopping, etc. with someone and feel like you should be rushing? Problem solved. I honestly prefer to do certain things alone so I can really take my time and enjoy myself without that paranoid feeling. Going to my local thrift store and spending a solid hour or two there scouring through every piece on the racks is seriously the best time ever.

So, if you’re ever feeling doubt about going out by yourself, you should take some of the things above into consideration. You got this. Now get out there!



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