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Watch Out For Anti-Choice Pregnancy Crisis Centers

Have questions about birth control options or worrying about an unplanned pregnancy? Don’t go to a Pregnancy Crisis Center.

Pregnancy Crisis Centers (Can also be called Women’s Center, Crisis Pregnancy Centers, etc.) are usually non-profit health centers that are very much anti-choice, and often target those who seek birth control options or an abortion, by offering free pregnancy tests and often are listed under “abortion” in online directories. They are also often placed next to abortion clinics, as a trick. Having these fake health centers next to abortion clinics, can make these centers seem legit, which is why so many people fall for them. They will do almost whatever they can to try and convince you that birth control and abortion is wrong, no matter the circumstance. They also misinform their patients and give false information.

What these centers give out as “helpful” information, lack actual information such as not giving correct or complete options when it comes to unplanned pregnancies. They also lie about side effects from getting an abortion, and it is often very biased. They may also say that someone is pregnant, even if they aren’t, which can make abortion riskier the longer someone waits. They are very manipulative in trying to convince someone not to get an abortion; an example being that breast cancer is a side effect of abortion. People who aren’t very informed about the reproductive system or reproductive options, may actually believe these lies, which is extremely dangerous. People get abortions for many reasons including but not limited to possible birth defects of the child, pregnancy resulting from rape, pregnancy resulting from incest, the carrier of the baby may not be healthy enough to carry a child and many more. People also search for birth control options for many reasons including but not limited to preventing an unwanted pregnancy, getting periods on a regular schedule, acne, helping menstrual cramps, and many more. Giving misinformation can risk someone’s health, and that is never okay to do.

Health centers, especially those who commercialize themselves to offer options for reproductive health, should not be biased, and only state facts. For those who have questions about reproductive options, please avoid these centers, and go to your local hospital or a Planned Parenthood near you. Don’t fall for those convincing advertisements from these centers, and be aware and spread awareness if you have one of these near you. Keep safe, and watch out for Pregnancy Crisis Centers.

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Alida Dice
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A biracial teen who is passionate about intersectional feminism, writing, and making films.

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