Congress’s New Bill Could Take Away Your Access To Plan B And Other Emergency Contraceptives

Just when you thought it was over, it gets worse. The government has a way of trying to control the bodies of women. This month the house introduced The Conscience Protection Act Bill. The said bill is meant to add additional protection for those who are against abortion and birth control on the basis of religion. The bill allows them to file civil suits against those they believe are “discriminating” against them by punishing them when they do not offer care. “The Conscience Protection Act would protect health care providers from federal, state, and local abortion mandates if they conscientiously object to assisting with abortions,” says CNA News. “It would also protect religious employers from having to cover elective abortions in their health plans, and establishes a ‘right of action’ for all entities if they believe their religious beliefs on the matter are violated.”

This bill again infringes on the rights of both men and women. More than anything, it infringes on the rights of people who have been raped. A recent report from Wisconsin uncovered that 22 hospitals were not giving emergency contraception information and medication to those who came in to report their sexual assault. In a response to these claims, Wisconsin Legislative Director Matt Sande stated that many of those hospitals were more than likely religious and shouldn’t have to offer emergency contraception at all. “If there are hospitals among these 22 that are non-compliant because they feel the law is a violation of their religious freedom, they ought to challenge it,” he told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. “There are grounds to do so.”

It seems like these laws more and more are trying to control the rights of women, and it’s getting very frightening being aware of what’s going on can be the step to stopping these bills. Make sure you know what bills are currently floating around and contact your local representatives!



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