How Pro-Life Takes Away Women’s Rights

“Pro-life” means a lot of things to a lot of people. But as we see it today pro-life is supporting Trump’s intention of making abortion illegal. People side with being against abortion because they see a fetus that’s even a few weeks old, as a child who deserves to be born. But not everyone sees things this way and not every woman wants to be a mother. There are alternatives like adoption but most of the time the child is placed into government care until an adoptive family appears. In 2012, a study showed that over 28% of children in state care are abused. And in Sep. 2014 there were 107,918 children waiting to be adopted.

Imagine that because of pro-life a child was brought into this world just to suffer for many years, maybe their whole life. Making abortion illegal also brings on more complications for women who don’t want to carry out the pregnancy or choose adoption – as in women will seek out dangerous abortion procedures. Before Roe v. Wade, the court decision to make abortion legal, as many as 5,000 American women died annually as a result of unsafe abortions. Having legal abortions allows women to have safer and timely abortions thereby greatly reducing risks of complications.

When you say you’re pro-choice many people seem to think or say “Oh my God! You’re for abortion!?” but that’s not what it is at all. Pro-choice doesn’t automatically mean you’re a “baby hater”. It means that you care about a woman’s right to make decisions for herself about her body.

Many people feel Trump is hypocritical in his views on pro-choice. He’s actively issuing orders to keep out immigrants and refugees from entering the U.S., clearly denying children and families the right to fight for a life in America. In fact the March for Life, a protest to make abortion illegal that took place in January, was viewed by a lot of people as  selfishly denying a woman a choice over her pregnancy. People and celebrities, like Billy Eichner and Olivia Wilde, were outraged by the march.

I, myself can see both sides of the argument. I understand wanting every child to have a chance at life, but I also get how somebody wouldn’t be ready for motherhood. Ultimately, it should be the woman’s choice on what she does with her pregnancy. It’s her body and her right. Abortion being illegal would only penalize a woman for making a choice about her pregnancy, taking away even more power from us women.



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