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Living Human or Living Machine?

Today, our world is becoming more modern than ever. The world we once knew has become a new world. Competitions are starting to rotten people’s mind. Somewhere along the line, people tend to forget the wonders of this universe, and the ability of themselves to unveil the universe’s secrets, and the power of believing in dreams and happiness. So many people forced to stop doing things that they love, things that make them happy, believing that if they keep doing those things, it won’t take them anywhere, it won’t be able to feed the wallet, not because they really want to, but because life is getting harder day by day. Humans are starting to become “community machine,” shaping society’s boxes, and as the time goes by, they teach other people the same thing, to be the next “community machine.”

Young generations should be able to see the world as a place where they can make something, create something, invent something, and do something that they love about. It is so sad to see the fact that presently, some of them have to befriend with the society’s boxes and not allowed to shape their own boxes, because somehow it is not good enough, it is not scholar enough, it is not rich enough, it is just never enough. They are pushed to stay inside the box and close their eyes from their dreams. They are forced to see “reality” as the only thing that matters. If they talk about something that the logic cannot catch up, the society will sum them up as a stupid kid. As the result, they grow up believing that they have to become this perfect kid, this robot, this community machine, a person who think just like anybody else, who always follow the crowd, whom box has a same shape with everybody else’s boxes, who always follow the rules whether they agree with it or not, whether they understand it or not, who needs to be normal because the society taught that if you’re different, you’re weird, and you don’t belong to anywhere, who must become what other people want them to be, not what they want themselves to be, or other else they will not be succeed.

The life that we have today is not the life that we may have tomorrow. Learning the fact that people have to stay inside their boxes is a very saddening thing. Let us ask ourselves this question, “Is this the kind of life that we’re really dreaming of?”

By the time people are free to open their eyes to their dreams, allow to touch it and make something out of it, that is when the universe will open so much amazing opportunities, and this world will soon become a better place for a person who wants to be happy, who wants to create, who wants to live fully, who wants to make a living out of something that he loves, who wants to make their hobbies as their jobs, who wants to step out of the box and destroy all the negative burden that keeps holding he back all this time, who believe in himself, and if he fall, he will still believe in himself, because he knows that he is an outstanding, amazing, legendary, once in a lifetime kind of person.

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Yohana Parida
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Yohana Parida. Indonesian. Fall in love with art, human, universe, and life itself. She believes that by writing, human can express some realness inside of them, so she writes because she loves to.

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