Trump Disappoints The Artist That Sang The National Anthem At His Inauguration

Sixteen year old Jackie Evancho was more than excited to be performing the national anthem at Trump’s inauguration. She mentioned before that she isn’t performing for political reasons, but because of the honor and big audience exposure. Evancho isn’t new to the concept of performing in front of large crowds though. She’s performed for our very own Barack Obama back when he was president at the National Christmas Tree Lighting in 2010 and the National Prayer Breakfast in 2012.

After her performance at the inauguration was confirmed, she received a lot of backlash online. She was called a traitor for performing for Trump, considering that her sister Juliet is transgender. Juliet, along with a couple of her classmates, filed a lawsuit against their school in October of 2016 when they were suddenly not allowed to use the restrooms that matched their gender identity. With Juliet being outspoken on this topic, many people believed her sister Jackie was betraying her. In reality though, these sisters were closer than ever. Unfortunately, Juliet was unable to attend the inauguration to support Jackie.

In recent turn of events, with Trump’s administration officially lifting transgender student bathroom protections, Jackie Evancho says she’s NOT happy with the outcome.

Even though Jackie was warned about what Trump might do against people like her sister and encouraged to not sing at the inauguration, she seemed surprised about the whole thing. She’s even publicly asked Trump to meet up with her and her sister, Juliet, to discuss transgender rights.

It’s great to see Jackie standing up for her sister and wanting to make a change. However, you don’t have to have a sibling that is transgender to care about matters like these. Transgender rights are human rights, and that is something we should all be fighting for.

Note to all cis people: if you genuinely want to help your trans folks, learn more about how you can help become better allies here. We have the power to make a change and trust me, just reposting aesthetically pleasing colors with the words “trans lives matter” is not enough. 

Note to all trans people: you are loved, valid and beautiful in many ways possible. Do not let ANYONE make you think otherwise. 



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