#ResistCapitalism: The Global Anti-Capitalist Twitter Storm Fueled by Thousands

If you ever need proof of the muscle and solidarity of social media, look no further than what happened at 3 p.m. ET on Feb. 25, where millions participated in a global anti-Capitalist twitter-storm known as #ResistCapitalism. All across the world, people expressed their disdain for the exploitation of marginalized people from such a system, and by four pm EST, this hashtag was the fifth most trending with almost 22.4k tweets under it.
Through this tag, many people explained through threads of sociological terms and leftist readings about how Capitalism has been genocidal in the past through imperialist wars and selling Black bodies for profit via the slave trade. People explained how Capitalism is linked to misogyny through the words of Marxist feminist Angela Davis. People explained misogyny through how Capitalism contributes to an intersectional wage gap by robbing feminized workers of earnings. People explained how Capitalism robs people of healthcare and education. People explained how it helps keep the privileged in power through propaganda. People explained how Capitalism has ruined innovation. People opened up their past suffering and their current pain due to Capitalism. Everyday people did that.
Through these 22.4k tweets, twitter uses provided links to free pdf readings and resources, how to be socially active and advocated for all oppressed people, and even artists of marginalized identities to support. Some users opened up to anecdotal evidence about the effects of living in Capitalist environments, and this deliverance of such personal emotion helped bring a sort of solidarity with the thousands of people with similar ideas of activism.
This little hashtag was helped sparked by radical people of color, especially women of color, to respond to the increase in fascist ideologies globally. As a result, people created new and supported old academia made by disenfranchised people for education on social issues, and helped raise a voice so loud that this politicized hashtag trailed behind Tom Perez being elected as a new DNC chairman in a few hours. With hope, this social media storm will help bring discussions about fascism to the center-stage. As of now, it is only certain that the people got the opportunity to educate, share, or vent about the horrors that Capitalism has provoked all through a medium as accessible as twitter.
If you personally are interested in looking through any of the reading material posted on the tag, you can visit twitter.com and look through #ResistCapitalism



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