Why This Is The Most Important Fashion Line Out There

As a person of color, the majority of the time I find it insanely difficult to find nude items that are complementary to my skin tone.

Items I find seem mismatched to my dark skin and even though I do love nude clothing and makeup items, the things I do find do not make me as enthusiastic towards them as I should be.

And then I discovered the Nünunde clothing line.

This UK based line caters for sizes XS-XXL and features a range of nude clothing in order to complement all skin tones.

Founders Vaby and Joanne started the company in order to redefine the word ‘nude’. Their website (https://www.nu-nude.com) clearly states that,’The pair are working extremely hard on creating the best colors they can to match universal skin tones, not only for underwear but for clothes that are on-trend. They are very aware that there are many different shades of ‘nude’ and everyone’s skin color suits a different tone.

The line features various kinds of clothing such as crop tops to loungewear to track suits all in different colors and all to suit different tones.

This clothing line is not just important because it finally has something to suit all skin colors but also because of the inclusivity of their sizes.

There numerous brands from H&M to Forever 21 that cater for all sizes but do not take into account that clothes look different on different people.
I can’t count the number of times that I’ve had to buy shirts and skirts two sizes bigger just to accommodate my bust and hips and then the lower chest and my legs don’t look right. This whole process coupled with already not feeling comfortable with my body shape just makes the process of finding clothes tiring and deters me from doing any form of shopping.

But I feel as though Nünunde get it just right. Their crop top can be worn with jeans as part of an outfit to wear out or coupled with their insanely comfortable tracksuit bottoms as something to wear around the house.

So, Nünunde from a dark skin girl who now feels she has a new area of fashion to explore thank for what you do and keep doing what you’re doing.

Find more details about Nünunde on their website and Instagram page.



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