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Nathan Zed: A Must-Follow Twitter User

As a result of the 2016 election, we saw many of our favorite celebrities and internet personalities start to “get political” on their feed. While the rising political awareness on social media has caused some former social media favorites to fall out of many users’ fancies- see makeup artist James Charles and his ignorant comments about Africa, and model Lucky B. Smith’s favoriting of Trump’s tweets- other users have grown in popularity for being so woke. One particular Youtuber who has grown exponentially in popularity throughout the past year is Nathan Zed.

I first saw a video of his 3 years ago, when he posted a reaction to Nash Grier’s video, “What Guys Look for in Girls.” In this video, he demanded an apology from Grier and his friends for the offensive things they had said, and how harmful these statements were to their largely teenage girl following. At the time, Nathan had only a fraction of the following that Nash had, but his video blew up, and marked the beginning of his popularity on social media. Nathan has been vocal regarding just about every issue imaginable. Racism, sexism, feminism, police brutality, Islamophobia, mass incarceration; search his Twitter and you’ll be guaranteed to find Tweets covering it. But not only does he discuss politics, he often goes viral for his hilarious take on current events.

See, we have something rare in Nathan Zed: an attractive male Youtuber and Twitter personality who actually is entertaining and original. It’s plain to see why his following is growing.

Nathan also takes great pride in being Ethiopian. He often tweets how proud he is to be African. He encourages his followers to take pride in themselves as well, reminding them constantly that they are “good enough.” He manages to be so positive and motivating towards fans of his without being cheesy or cliche, while always maintaining a comedic and lighthearted approach.

He also helped viner DeMetrius Harmon (commonly known as MeechOnMars) with his project, Be Happy, a short film that released in September 2016 and discussed depression and the stigma surrounding mental illness.

So if you’re looking for hilarious and original Tweets covering everything from Frank Ocean to more serious topics like mental illness and racism, you should follow him on Twitter.

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