Do All White People Really Suck?

‘Screw white people.’

Phrases like this often pop up on twitter timelines or Instagram feeds, perhaps it’s even popped up in a conversation. Perhaps it’s something that your friends say on a daily basis. Perhaps it’s something that you say on a daily basis, slipping it into conversations as a casual, everyday saying. But is this nonchalance truly validated?


Sometimes aiming all of your hate towards one group of people can be a coping mechanism for all the ignorance people have thrown at you. An indirect jab at all the a**holes who have made you feel less than you actually are or a way of expressing your anger at people who have done you wrong. However, this type of blatant generalization normalizes discriminatory behavior.

Negative discrimination should never be normal.

The fact that hating a specific group of people is a new trend is particularly worrying. Not only does it stigmatize people with white skin but it generalizes them as well. As an outsider looking in, neither someone who says it nor someone to whom it refers to, this is troubling.

Let’s start with the generalization of white people. “Treat people the way you want to be treated” is a common and well-preached phrase, so why is making fun of white people now the ‘in thing’? It’s true, there are some real dirt bags out there, who deserve to be put under fire. It’s true that some people deserve your good manners but they also don’t represent their skin color as a whole. I’m sure you don’t don’t want to be placed into a little box just because you have a certain color skin, so why are some doing the same for people with white skin?

We are committed to acknowledging, respecting and celebrating difference(s) and commonalities.  – Black Lives Matter

There are a lot of people who use the ‘eye for an eye’ saying as an excuse. So many people with white skin have marginalized POC for so long, in fact, a great deal of them are still marginalizing POC, so it must be okay to do the same to every single one of ‘them’. A lot of idioms have been used, but as the old saying goes, two wrongs don’t make a right. It is not okay for POC to treat white people the way that some of those who have white skin, have treated POC. All this does is create a greater divide within communities, something that most people trying to avoid.

Equality is the aim. It shouldn’t be domination or ‘riddance’ of others as many people seem to indicate. It isn’t putting other people down in an attempt to bring yourself up nor is it supposed to be a ‘war of the races’.



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