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Charlie Puth’s New Version Of “See You Again”

Charlie Puth isn’t an unknown young man. No wonder, he has a beautiful voice, is pretty handsome, kind-hearted and not to forget: he is an incredible songwriter. As a reminder of the tragic death of actor Paul Walker he even dedicated him the song “See you again”, not as a publicity stunt but as a honest representation of his feelings, and probably thousands of other people’s, with a deep meaning behind it all.

This is a song nobody should mess with, not even the singer himself. It is like a monument for ears instead for the eyes, a thing of respect not to “touch” it.

But this is exactly what Charlie Puth did, possibly in the worst way ever.

While being live on a radio show he was handed a re-written version of the lyrics containing racism and sexual sentences such as “you can play with your brown titties when I cum on your chin”

and much more, singing it with so many emotions that you think your mind is messing with you, not positively.

The video is going viral on twitter and other social media platforms, with honestly every right. Charlie Puth is young, young enough to make some more or less funny jokes about sexual interactions in presence of his friends, but old enough to know where red lines are and especially not to judge humans, neither  because of their skin color nor because of their religion, their mental health, basically everything that differs from his person itself, his fans the best reason.

He has supporters from all over the world, means that they have the characteristics and looks typical for their fatherland, some of them holding on to him because they are in a difficult situation where he’s the only light in a dark room. Imagine the pain when they see that video, when the candle burns out and they sit in a complete darkness, alone with their thoughts and feelings.

But not just that. Young girls and men search for idols, the moment such idols are found they try to copy his or her personality in aim to create and find their own identity, it’s a normal progress during the puberty. Charlie Puth doesn’t only convey the thought of racism being okay and funny, he gives black women the feeling of being a sex toy, showing them what they, in his opinion, are there for.

We live in a time where we need to value each other and stick together for our own good but apparently not everybody thinks that way. Taking a look in other countries, people seem rather distanced from each other, that’s why we must count on people who really have a voice and can use this voice to solve important problems, such as Charlie Puth.

Celebrities generally have to understand how much they influence generations and their way of thinking, how they can steer them in the wrong or right directions and how they can brutally dump human beings like Charlie Puth did with many.

This is not how we are supposed to be acting nowadays, we can- should make it better and show anyone what they are worth.

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Sarah Thorwirth
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I like being a 15 year old "cheeky young lady" (according to my teacher) who lives in Germany and treats people the same way people treat her. So welcome!:)


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