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Evelyn Atieno

Kim J — Johansson is no stranger to the internet. She began her internet fame on Tumblr and soon it followed her to Instagram and Twitter. “It’s still crazy to me when I think about the following that I have online. I forget that it’s really real.” She says, “I can’t believe that there are real people behind the numbers who find me interesting enough to follow. It’s pretty cool though that we can all connect with things we relate to.” Kim never in a million years thought she would become this famous amassing over 300,000k followers on Instagram and 130,000+ on Twitter,

”I never thought that it would grow this large over so many different platforms but I’m not complaining. I love connecting with different people across the world. It opens my eyes to a lot of different things that I probably wouldn’t know anything about if it wasn’t for these people I met online.”

With fame comes hardships, you don’t just face the positivity, but you also face the negativity.

A couple months ago, Kim’s nudes were leaked on Snapchat for the world to see. It became a trending topic on Twitter where people tore apart her body,”I made a post about how much I love my body and regardless of all the negativity anyone had to say about me, at the end of the day, I’m still madly in love with myself and think no less of myself.” she continues,”I was sad for a while but at the same time I was like ok.. why is everyone freaking out over a body? It’s so weird to me that people have been desensitized to an unaltered female body to the point where it’s become an expectation for a female to meet this one specific mold of a perfect body and if they don’t they’re “trash”. That situation taught Kim a hard lesson and a much-needed one, “No person I’ve never met and probably never will make me feel any other type of way about myself. I just want any girl or guy that’s gone through this or is currently going through this, to know that it’s not the end of the world. It’s a huge violation and an invasion of privacy but don’t let it define you.” she says, “Know that it’s not the end of the world. It’s a huge violation and an invasion of privacy but don’t let it define you.

You don’t have to be “that girl who’s nudes leaked” or “that guy who’s d*ck was all over twitter” you’re still you at the end of the day so keep living your life to the fullest.”

“The internet is a playground for bullies and they feed off of getting reactions out of people so don’t give them what they want.”

Kim has always kept her confidence despite the many negative comments she sees online, she has used her online platform to begin a modeling character. She is signed to Wilhelmina New York/Chicago, “When I was approached by my agency Wilhelmina, it really opened my eyes to how the industry is slowly but surely changing and giving more opportunities to beautiful women of all different shapes, sizes, and races. “What sets Kim apart from other models is she isn’t the typical body size that fashion seems to praise, she is curvier and owns it to the fullest. Her confidence is admirable and inspiring,

“I love being a curvy model. It allows me to show other women who share my body type that if they want to become a model it’s possible.”

She continues,

“Growing up I always thought I had to be like 6ft, skinny, with long hair to ever be considered a model and I fall under literally none of those categories so I just tossed the idea out a long time ago.”

Although Kim is confident now, it took her a while to get to the point where she loves her body despite what others or society says, “I’ve been very insecure in the past so I’ve been that person who always had something negative to say about someone and it clearly stemmed from me just not being happy with myself” she continues,”So when I get negative remarks about my appearance I brush it off because it says a lot more about the person who’s making these remarks over the person who they’re talking about.” The fashion industry isn’t easy, especially when you aren’t a size 0, beyond that there’s a darker side to it, Kim knows first hand about it.

“I think the biggest difficulty I’ve faced as a model is dealing with creepy and overly sexual photographers. Some of them are just way too aggressive and clearly want more than what we both came on set for.”

She says,

”It’s sad that there are still photographers out there who feel like it’s acceptable to behave way especially with underage women and men. Don’t let anyone pressure you into doing anything you’re not comfortable doing and never be afraid to speak up about it.”

It’s amazing how Kim manages to still be so humble despite her fanbase and her accomplishments so far, when I asked her about it she emphasizes the way she was raised as attributing to her humbleness,”I think it’s just the way I was brought up. I was always taught that I’m no better than anyone else but also no lesser so I always just keep that in mind. We’re all people and should want to help each other get where we want to be so I’m definitely a firm believer in you get what you give.” she continues,”I also think the people I keep around me play a huge role in why I’m able to stay grounded because they actually know me, care about me, and will check me if I start acting a little too pretentious.”

Kim has always kept it real, and will always continue to keep it real,” Apologetically be you, figure out what you really want out of life and chase that sh*t. Live in the moment (responsibly). Be fearless and bold” she says,

“Make sure you’re being yourself and never stop being your own biggest fan because people are always going to try to bring you down with them.”



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