The Reality of the Joint Session, to Be Blunt

The joint session that took place last night was the first time Trump has addressed both House of Representatives and Senate. During the State of Union the president goes over what happened during the previous year, last night however trump addressed Congress and pushed their agenda to what his focus was. Last night, to many people’s surprise, Trump acted very presidential. He controlled his outbursts limited his gestures and truly acted as a uniter of the people. Many people are saying although his inauguration was 40 days ago, on January 20th, last night is when he truly became the president of the United States.

Trump walked in happily greeting everyone that he could, very confident for a president with the lowest approval rating of any president. Immediately what caught his attention was an group of women dressed in all white. All democratic women in congress were wearing white and sitting in the same area. They were wearing white as a symbol for the ongoing struggle for gender equality. Everyone was a skeptical of his ability to not make a comment about this group but were pleasantly surprised with his composure to stick to his topic and agenda.

His main focus tonight was campaign promises, no matter how outrageous his propositions were he’s trying to show the voters that he is a man of his word. He spoke all that he used to speak of during rallies in a much calmer fashion, like a broken record player running out of batteries.

He talked about his wall along the Southern border, except tonight he didn’t say that Mexico is going to pay for it. Speculations already going around about whether he wants us to pay for it now that Mexico’s president on multiple occasions has refused to pay for it. However nothing can be said yet for sure about what his idea to pay for it is because like always, Trump didn’t get into specifics.

Of course “radical Islamic terrorist” were brought up, which many politicians at this point avoid saying because they don’t want to link Islam to the terrorism, rather just call the group a terrorist group. But Trump, stubborn in his ways, still referred to them as a radical Islamic terrorist and said that he still wants to “slaughter them” is the exact terms he used last night, almost as if he’s sunk to their inhumane levels.

Almost immediately after saying that these terrorists are killing innocent Muslims, Trump stated that America wouldn’t be “a sanction for terrorist.” To rehash his previous Muslim immigration ban. Almost as if he needed to reassure that this ban was what’s best for the country he needed to reiterate that, refugees abandoning their country leaving everything behind because they could die at any minute in their homes there were the real threat to American citizens. Earlier this year a statistic was released saying that an American citizen has 1 in 3.64 billion chance to be killed by a refugee, but Mr. Trump can continue believing that the refugees, not spreading hate towards others is the real threat in America.

Trump again touched on Obamacare but this time said he was going to completely replace it and start from the bottom. Only it hasn’t even been 3 full days since he released a statement in which he said “Reforming health care is complicated.” Surely he released it to show citizens that he was hard at work for us but the message that many citizens got was that it doesn’t take a genius to understand that reforming health care is complicated and Trump shouldn’t be wasting his time complaining about the difficulty rather he should be working with those around him who have more experience than him in the matter.

He did try to bring a new side of him out to light, but it is too early to know how long this side of him will stay. Will we get tweets late at night still or has that Trump gone away, we can never know with him. One thing is certain however the Donald Trump we saw last night was far more of a leader than we’ve ever seen.



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