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The Impact of PCOS on Mental Health

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, or PCOS, is a condition in which multiple cysts form on the ovaries. These cysts cause irregular hormone balances in the body which cause a number of different difficulties.

Some of the symptoms include; irregular menstruation, difficulties with weight gain or obesity and body hair growing in places it typically would not, like the face, chest and back. According to, approximately five to ten percent of people who are biologically female have developed PCOS. I am part of that percentage.

It is more important than it might seem to discuss PCOS and the symptoms that come with it. Not only do those with PCOS deal with the many physical symptoms, but there are other difficulties that could arise, particularly mood disorders like anxiety and depression

Part of PCOS awareness is also Mental Health awareness.

Too often physical symptoms of the disorder are taken more seriously than mental symptoms. What the mass majority of people do not understand is that aspects involved with mental health are just as serious and valid as those of physical ailments.

Depression causes so many difficulties with daily life that are so real. They take just as much of a toll on an individuals health as any other kind of physical malady. A few of the symptoms that come with depression include feeling worthless and tired, loss of appetite, anxiety, insomnia, outbursts of anger and frustration and other physical issues such as major headaches and back pain. That is only to list a few of the major ones.

So, yes, PCOS does cause many physical issues but it causes mental ones as well.

Going forward, we must recognize mental health just as much as physical health. Living on a day to day basis with depression or anxiety looming nearby is more than difficult and it is time that more mental illnesses are given the recognition they deserve.

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