United States Vice President, Mike Pence, has been using a private email server routinely during his term as Indiana governor. There were times during his term in which when he placed sensitive materials and issues involving homeland security into his emails. Information has recently been released to news outlets such as the Indianapolis Star.

Now, many of you may be thinking if this situation is this similar to the Hillary Clinton’s email scandal. To answer that, no, the email scandals are not the same since the material on her server contained much more classified and sensitive materials. With what she placed on her emails, she placed lives at stake, and was not fully honest with her statements, on the case of Pence, the information on his emails are not as sensitive as the materials on Hillary’s and there were no laws against it in Indiana. Pence himself released statement on the matter saying

“There’s no comparison whatsoever between Hillary Clinton’s practice — having a private server, misusing classified information, destroying emails when they were requested by the Congress…We have fully complied with Indiana’s laws…We had outside counsel review all of my previous email records to identify any that ever mentioned or referenced state business.”

USA Today has released some of the Pence emails that were revealed to the public, here are some of them(click on each image to get a better view of it):

There are over 30 emails from AOL that show how Mike Pence casually handled state business through. A spokesperson for Mike Pence says

“They are only a small fraction of the state-related emails that Pence sent or received from that account.”

But, both Pence and Clinton should have known better about using private servers, especially Pence since he already knew about what the American people though about Hillary and her emails.

A hacker was revealed to be around when Pence’ email’s were leaked and the hacker would go on to send counterfeit emails to all of his contacts claiming that on the way back to their hotel in the Philippines, Pence and his wife had been attacked, and lost all of their possessions, like money, bank cards, and cell phones. After the hacker did what he wanted, Pence set up a new AOL account.

We can surely say one thing for sure, Pence will be under fire for what he’s done. The Democrats will certainly not let this go, as what the Republicans were trying to attack Hillary for were certainly memorable. It is most certain that the democratic news stations and senators  will not be forgiving Pence any time soon.

But, will the VP under Trump face any scrutiny from Republicans? We will have to wait for a while and see what comes up over the next few days .

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