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How Poetry Can Soothe Yourself Of Bad Feelings

Everybody has those days, where we just want to take a nap and sleep for forever, due to problems and complications due to mental illnesses. I, myself, get those days personally as well, where I just want to do nothing and lay in my room all day with no human interaction. Some people do other things other than taking a hibernation nap, like harming themselves, sadly. But is that the way to relieve yourself to get rid of bad vibes? Never. Never, is harming yourself in any way, a good way to get rid of that bad sensitivity. That’s why I do, and recommend, turn to poetry.

Poetry has been a wonderful way of relieving feelings and putting it down onto paper in the form of art. When someone writes down their feelings into poetry or reads some poetry, that person may tell you that they feel better and often, a weight of bad emotions has been lifted off of their shoulders. But little do they know that the effects that reading or writing poetry has on the brain is much more bigger than they thought.

According to Mic, poetry can make people self-reflect more, and simulates areas of the brain that brings back memories. Some parts of the brain, the posterior cingulate and medial temporal lobes, are connected to the resting state of your body. Reading poetry can basically help us chill out and think deeply, which is a good thing. These parts of the brain, researchers have said, also have been connected to introspection. For those who do not know what introspection is, it is basically reflecting on someone’s emotional and mental health. And when those areas of the brain bring back memories, it could be a way to remind yourself that you’re not alone when it comes to somewhat bad mental health.

So, when you are feeling down and you feel like you may relapse and hurt yourself, please don’t. Turn to poetry. Turn to a piece from Emily Dickinson or Shakespeare or Maya Angelou. These authors have written many love poems, poems to make yourself feel good, and poetry that simply is just thoughts turned into many forms of art. Distract yourself and feel what others are feeling. Remind yourself that when you read these pieces of writing, other people have gone through what you have. Please, from me to you, take care of yourself and do some reading and make yourself feel better.

And take that nap too. Just do it.

“The soul unto itself, is an imperial friend, or the most agonizing spy an enemy could send. Secure against its own, no treason it can fear; itself its sovereign, of itself, the soul should stand in awe.”

-Emily Dickinson

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