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Feel Good YouTube Channels For When You Are Feeling Down


YouTube has always been considered a safe space for me. When I went through hard times in my life, I would always turn to the platform full of different personalities and ideas to escape from all my real world problems and just have a chance to laugh or sing along. With the way the world is now, I think everyone needs to have that chance. So here’s a list of YouTubers I recommend when you need that chance to escape from the world.

1. ElleofTheMills

If you watched If Stranger Things Was A Romantic Comedy on Twitter, then you have watched worked of Elle Mills. A recent high graduate who’s now a full-time YouTuber, she makes you imagine things you never thought you would through her remakes of famous movies and tv shows. She shows off her awkward and comedic personalities through her videos and never leaves a dull moment.

2. sWooZie

Using his talents in animation, Adande Throne (aka sWooZie) tells the tales of his struggles of his life. From working at Disney World to gaming, every video gets you instantly hooked and laughing.  You can always count on him for “good” advice and new interesting story to tell.

3. SimgmProductions

Most famous for their portrayal of the Kardashians, SimgmProductions is one of the underrated channels of YouTube. They use the popular virtual reality game, Sims to create spoofs based on all things pop culture from tv shows to celebrities. Plus, the whole operation is run by “Boss” (who is a POC btw) along with her two siblings.

4. communitychannel

A 10 year veteran of Youtube, Natalie Tran takes anything and turns into a cleverly funny video topic. From measuring celebrities to New Year’s resolutions breaking, she takes each video and features many versions of herself to demonstrate her comedic point. She may not post a video as often as many would like. But when she does, you already know it’s gonna be perfection.

So sit back, relax and enjoy these hilarious Youtube channels or comment your own for people to watch. Then’s let us all go into a different reality and enjoy our little safe space.


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Tatyana Williams
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Tatyana is an 18-year-old introverted college student. When's she's not doing countless grammatical errors, you can find her lurking on Twitter, editing videos, or sleeping. She's also has a very bad obsession with all things Disney. You can follow her antics on her twitter. @tatertaty.

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