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5 Easy Ways to Relieve Your Stress

We have all experienced fatigue and stress. When stress and fatigue has reached the maximum level, it will immediately affects our productivity, health, and even our happiness level! Therefore, it is necessary for us to have a stress reliever to help us restore our inner peace, our mental and psychological health, and to help us organize our daily lives back!

Here are some tips that might actually help you restore your spirit and positive energy back!

  • Take A Deep Breathe

Try to find a leisure of 1 or 2 minutes a day. Close your eyes and try renew your mind, identify what’s stressing you out, think about positive things, speak words of motivation to yourselves, calm your mind and calm your presence. Sort of little meditation like this will greatly help you to remain productive and stay positive!

  • Surround Yourself Wisely

Once you are stressed and tired, know where to surround yourself wisely. There is a type of person whose stress would be relieve when he gather together with people, friends, family, etc. Also, there is a type of person who would be relieve from his stress when he have some me time first and then socialize further. Know yourself, where do you want to go when you are stress and tired? Who do you need to be with you when that time comes? Choose wisely and surround yourself with good and positive people. Because the consequences of surrounding yourself with wrong people will affect your stress and tiredness level even more.

  • Treat Yourself

Because you deserve it. Treat yourself with something that makes you happy! Sometimes, deadlines, busyness and crazy work hours make us forget to care for our own mood. Try to do something that you love, do your favorite things, and shed your fatigue there! It does not have to be complicated, it can be small things, simple things, such as singing, karaoke, eat favorite foods, listening to your favorite song, jamming and dancing, fooling around the house, write a journal or diary, go for a walk, nice and beautiful bath, go shopping, do yoga or meditation, do exercise, call your favorite person in the world, and many other simple thing that can charge your energy back and turn your bad mood upside down.

  • Good Apps Never Fails

It is certain that most people in this generation use smartphone all day, everyday. Instead of making your smartphone as a source of bad negativity for you (deadlines, schedules, chats waiting to be replied, etc.)  use it for something good and positive for yourself. Find yourself a good application that can help you reduce your stress or at least put a smile in that tired face and panda eyes. There are many good application, that you may not notice, can actually lift up your moods.

  • Be Kind to Yourself

Tell yourself that everything is gonna be okay! You have been here before and you will get through this
once again. The most important thing to do amid all the bustle, stress and fatigue is to be good to yourself. Lest you lose awareness of yourself and forget that you are human and not a robot! Do not forget to smile, tidy up your work space, and have yourself a good energy! Do not complain because it will only aggravate your vibes.
Stay positive, and be ready to face the day!

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