Student-Run Literary Journals That Need Your Attention.

Being a young artist is a daunting ordeal- the constant self-doubt, the spells of creative famine, the loneliness that accompanies engaging deeply with your art. It is, as it often seems, a leap of a cliff. But this cliff may be only as deep and as lonely as you wish it to be. In the recent years, the internet has become the breeding ground of art, and more specifically, young, teenage art. And their voices are louder than ever. Literary Journals, often run by young adults and teens as well, are treasure troves of poems, short stories, paintings, digital art and ideas all spurned and showcased by young minds. They’re places you could spend hours in, weaving between witty caricatures and emotionally cathartic narratives, enchanting art and insightful interviews. They’re places to mine ideas and collect inspiration. And you may even find that they have space for your own (some are currently open to submissions, so do submit!). So without any further ado, here are some literary journals that demand your attention.



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